Get the free online edition of the classic 1986 cyberpunk anthology Mirrorshades

Originally published at: Rediscover the Lost Gem of Sci-Fi: Mirrorshades Back Online


you will pry my paper copy from my cold dead hands ( but please don’t yet. i’d like to enjoy it a few more years. )

one of my favorite stories in it is “mozart in mirrorshades” by bruce sterling and lewis shiner. and i’ve often wondered since what composers of yesteryear might think about music today. ( and how much music can fit in your pocket. )


Well, it’ll save me having to find my copy, which is… somewhere in my shelves. Unless I lent it out a few decades ago and never got it back…


Most of the time, when that happens, the reason is sales, or lack thereof.

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This is one of my favorite cyberpunk books. My copy lives on my bedside nightstand. Perfext short stories to encourage cyberpunk dreams.


I keep a copy of Mirrorshades (and also Burning Chrome) in my van to pass the time in case I’m ever delayed anywhere. The short story format lends itself to that moreso than a novel.

I’ve read and re-read them both many times over the decades.


ebooks here


I have multiple times sold my paperback collections to half price books. Every time I go looking to rebuild it or buy back some of my favored books… I’m gobsmacked at the prices the second hand market commands for sci-fi/fantasy/horror. Meanwhile the technical books I spent 10X as much on are worthless.

I mean I guess it makes sense. No one has nostalgia for that Java 1.2 programming book.


… along with the skills I learned from them

oh dear did i say that out loud


That’s actually not been my experience. I am making a decent living still with a lot of those skills but I credit the CS degree from the university more so than anything from the books but the books helped keep things up to date.

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Now you take that back!

I’ll have you know that all my hard-won expertise in SOAP and Java applets is every bit as useful today as it ever was!

i’ve washed my hands of it

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Downton Abbey GIF

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Oh dear SOAP and applets? you poor thing.

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why is there no emoji for disappointment b/c puns like that just make me sad.

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