Rudy Rucker and Bruce Sterling talk about their new anthology TRANSREAL CYBERPUNK

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I love it!

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Transreal? Is that a word?

…oh okay it means Syfy.

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Reductivist much?

That means smart, right?


You and Rudy, I guess. Rudy for sure.

This Gnarl doest captivate me, mayhap

Uh, sorry… yeah, when I say “reductivist,” I always mean “smart,” or maybe “handsome.”

Uh, yeah as much as I enjoy both guys work I don’t get this. Is it common to Kickstart collections of already published work?

Actually, it doesn’t and Rudy’s been using that word for about 20 years.
First entry when you google:


That’s really interesting. I shall read more.

It is 90% of Rucker’s fiction.

Why not? I’m using “translocal” in my dissertation!

What could that possibly mean? It means “somewhere,” doesn’t it?

Translocal? I’m using it to describe subcultures that cross national boundaries but where local interactions are critical; so you’re part of a local scene, but you have some connections to a larger identity - so punk fits into this nicely.

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It had to be done. Sorry.


Ha! Yeah, but I’m applying it to other subcultures, too…

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whatever. on a weekend I prefer a cheap joke over sociological correctness : P

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IMHO, Sterling is the writing chops and Rucker is the imagination in this operation. Yes, I’m being reductivist. For example:

Rucker + Sterling = Egan * (1/2)

Which is still a recipe for awesomesauce!

Historical… I’m a historian, not a sociologist!

cheap jokes are fine, I ain’t mad! :wink:

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