How Disney movies gave an autistic boy his voice


Somehow that family is gonna be slapped with a cease and desist order for using unlecensed properties. That’s just the way life works.

Are we sure his voice wasn’t taken by a Disney character in the first place?


I read the whole article on my phone; that in of itself is unusual…and the article was particularly long by NYT standards. But oh my…it’s worth reading.

Terrifying. Miserable. (As I imagine the Parent (writer) going through such difficulty)

But the Terror and the Misery have to be exponential for the autistic child: yet, look at those sketches…I was floored.

May We Remember The Sidekicks…and make sure they are not left behind.

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What a fantastic article. Fascinating to read how the brain’s capacity for pattern-matching can be applied to allow this young man to develop internal mental models and communicate with the world!

One of the best things BoingBoing has linked in ages, if you ask me.

Thanks for writing this. I also read the article because of your recommendation - simply an amazing piece. My niece is autistic and I liked that not only were the parents sharing their incredible experiences but also suggesting this may be a way to communicate with other autistic children and had some success with other teens using their approach.

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