Can we talk about how good the new A Tribe Called Quest album is?

We Got It From Here, Thank You for Your Service

I mean, it’s pretty good. I haven’t listened to a good rap record in a pretty long time. Not that I have a problem with the EDM-ization of hip-hop… except for maybe being continually baffled by Drake… but this has my middle-aged butt shaking and my head bobbing.

Okay, it’s shaking while I’m sitting in a chair and the head bobbing stops after about thirty seconds because my neck starts to hurt and I get dizzy. But the 90s were a while ago, y’know?


I’ll pick it up soon. The songs they played on SNL were excellent. Can’t wait to hear it!

Also, are you not listening to Run the Jewels?

You’re missing out if you’re not. Highly recommended…


Ya, let’s talk. I’ve sessioned it once on my good home system right after I DL’d it, and maybe 2 more times at work. It’s a really good album.

As usual, I was focused on the beats, the lyrics mostly washed over me but the flows were legit. It seems like Tip has gotten incrementally better, if anything.

well, I do. I mean, you can’t just play bluegrass and call it metal because it’s trendy now. Hip-hop music is sample and funk based. EDM is still EDM, it doesn’t matter if you’re rapping over it. everything sounds like trance with trap beats laid over it now. of course, I can’t fully defend this position since hip hop was built with electro and Kraftwerk as part of the legacy. I blame copyright laws that price people out of sampling as much as the damn kids doing it wrong. but anyway, I’m from the 90s so you know how I do.


Oh, good. I thought it was just me.


yeah, I was sort of avoiding going into my Drake tangent. probably best to just leave it alone.


I mean, I get it. I’m no jive turkey. I’m down with the kids’ music.

I basically decided a long time ago I didn’t want to stagnate on any particular decade of music or genre and to always keep an open mind and explore as many genres and decades as I can. I mean, yeah, I definitely have sonic profiles that I’m partial to, but I always try to keep an open mind and stay on top of emerging music trends. I’m always down to listen to something different.

I realized a long time ago (before I saw the correlating research) that just about all “popular music” is basically the same – sonically and lyrically – since “popular music” became a thing. And also nearly everything that has been popular in the past few decades has been written by a cabal of the same 20 or so writers.

That said, Drake, man. I just don’t get it. I’ll leave it at that and try not to completely derail this thread.

I haven’t listened to the new ATCQ album yet, but I will later today once I’m done listening to Major Lazer (my reggaeton horn reference in the air horn thread has left me feeling like I need more dub inspired music in my life.)


@William_George I’m only on track 4 and you’re right. This is sooo good.

Samples of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory in one song, and Bennie and the Jets in another? Oh, man.

This is shaping up to be a great revival of early 1990s alt-hip-hop.


I like their political stuff a lot.

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everything sounds like trance with trap beats laid over it now. of course,

I hear yah. I’m more of a classic Bomb Squad sort.

I try not to get all Grandpa Simpson “I used to be with it and then they changed what it was.” about music, but I find most of the production so sparse these days that the last Beyonce and Nicki Minaj records might as well have been spoken word albums. (Unlike Drake and his elementary school rhymes, I’m not baffled by Minaj even though she rarely brings her A game) I do like EDM, but like hip-hop it’s often too sparse for my tastes and I’m often wondering how the DJ is getting paid for that.

Back to ATCQ: I’ll have to listen to it a few more times, but I haven’t picked out any clear winners and losers yet. Anything with Phife Dowg on it is worthy for obvious reasons.

On the chart of ATCQ records, I don’t think it has dethroned either Midnight Marauders or Low End Theory unlike a good friend of mine who has placed it as their second best release. He’s brave in his views.


Copyright laws don’t stop the creation of funk but maybe funk is just for us old folks.


Still could use more cowbell Phife Dawg.
R.I.P. Phife.


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