Can you guess the meaning of these Droodles?


That last one is obviously a box that sneezed.
And I also saw the elephant, but I thought he was upping the bet by a single raisin.


Thanks for stirring up this old memory…around the same time in my life I was also enjoying Piet Hein’s Grooks, they seem to pair well.


world’s strongest ant / lightest elephant
something something aardvark?
points on a curve (smoke break)


The POV seems quite unfortunate for somebody.


Breakfast of champions. Great book, I read it in high school. My English teacher at the time (Mr. Voogt I sure hope you’re reading this) found it hilarious I’d read it.
This was in the Netherlands, mind you, so you can imagine Kurt Vonnegut was not very well read by my peers.


Oof. My brain went dark on #2. I immediately thought “Fascist Problems”: one dude, four tank barrels.


This was the most popular when I was in primary school.
˙ƃƃǝ uɐ ƃuᴉʎɹɟ uɐɔᴉxǝW ∀


These reminded me of enigmas and brain teasers we were asked to solve in school.


Hi! Fritz here, Droodles book author. I just wanted to say that I, too, had these Time-Life books as a kid and read them obsessively. They were fantastic! While doing the book I learned that this spread was shot by Philippe Halsman, the celebrated portrait photographer. He and Roger were friends in NYC. Halsman was known for his “jump” photos of his subjects, and Halsman’s estate gave us permission to include Roger’s jump photo in the book.


That’s wonderful! I also obsessively read them as well and really wish they finished the series with an 80s and 90s book but they never did as far as I know. It was one of the few things from my parents home that I asked to be shipped to me and I keep them in my current book collection.

Oh, I also just broke down and ordered your book. :slight_smile:


Yow! Many thanks for the order – hope you enjoy the book. And yes, same emotions on the Time-Life books. I was reading them in the late 70s and hoping/wondering if they would continue with the next decades. I actually think those books were a big reason why I became an American history major in college. Just incredible iconic images.


I had one of these books at one point. I wonder if it’s still somewhere on one of my shelves?

Thanks for the heads-up on the compendium. I’ve added it to the never ending list of books I want.


Here’s a riddle: guess what I’m thinking!

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“I’d like to connect with you on LinkedIn”

“Christ, what an asshole”

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