Can you solve the virus riddle?

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I’m pretty sure any realistic scenario involving myself will play almost exactly like the opening scene in The Stand.


This building is totally not up to code. Who decided to put fifteen weaponized viruses in there in fragile vials, balanced on the edge of the table?

EDIT: Wait a minute. Why is the hazmat suit exactly the same color as Elmo? I call shenanigans!




Sure. No problem.

They make it very clear that the entrance room is NOT infected. Furthermore, you can enter every INFECTED room only once. Thus the solution is simple: enter in the entrance room (NW), go to the first room to the right, pull the switch and return to the entrance room. From there on it becomes trivial…


But my real solution is to nuke the site from orbit… it’s the only way to be sure.


And who decided to create a design where you need to pass through multiple potential sources of contamination just to get to an exit, unless you’re lucky enough to be in one of the four rooms closest to the door? (or, if you’re playing by the rules that you can only exit through the one exit, two rooms closest to the door…)


Regulations are putting a stranglehold on American Innovation!

Are you sure you didn’t topple those vials yourself? How much do you Love AMERICA? Are you prepared to die for Her Greaterness?


The lab has a virus detector that triggers an alarm. It’s run by scientists who don’t know how to properly secure samples of potentially dangerous hazardous materials. The lab has vents that automatically open after an alarm has been triggered that indicates the vents absolutely must not be opened. Each room has an independent self-destruct that can only be triggered locally. The solution is to cordon off the area, find the designers and engineers and everyone else involved in creating this atrocity and make them deal with the mess they’re made, and when they fail, since they’re incapable of even basic reasoning and all die from the virus, then incinerate all remains with extreme prejudice. Problem solved, justice served, and future risks mitigated.


Yeah, gonna have to go with the community on this.

Sometimes the best answer to a question is to not have asked it.


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I suspect that Michael Crichton is responsible.


He’s been dead for nearly 10 years, but he’s still responsible for this mess.



I like you…

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