Canada's Digital 150 Strategy: Cynical, lazy and so 1867


I’ll be happy if we manage to get rid of the Conservatives by 2017.


Can anybody more familiar with the local political scene hazard a (better educated than my) guess about whether the ‘Digital 150’ strategy is a pathetic farce because of incompetence and apathy operating in full knowledge that the people who don’t already loath them will be satisfied, or whether it’s a deliberate smokescreen for an agenda (likely aligned with the ongoing library-burning) that really has very little interest in ‘Digital 150’ except as it relates to building a surveillance state?

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You just need to remember that Stephen Harper is not there for you. Clears it all up.

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Not Canadian so I can’t offer you anything on that score, but I’ll at least make note of the sorry state of library funding here in the US and venture that Canada is following our lead and putting libraries on a lower priority level.

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