Not just Environment and Health: Canadian government attacks libraries from 12 ministries


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First they came for the libraries.

(Seriously - ) won’t somebody think of the children?

FFS, Canada needs a military coup.

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Libraries gave us power
then work came and made us free
what price now
for a shallow piece of dignity?


I think we should let the Free Market determine the value of these books.

And then sell them at that price to vendors who can make them available to the public for the right price, with a percentage going to reimburse oil companies for environmental cleanup.

. . . whoops, sorry, I forgot to breath for few minutes and started thinking like John Stossel.


What depresses me is how often that lyric applies these days.

“Knowledge. Knowledge. We hates it, my Preciousssss.”

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Won’t be long before the batsign goes up and we a get a couple of brand new accounts vehemently denying the scurrilous accusations, expressing disappointment at the site for its shoddy reporting, and otherwise wishing us all ill.

On the other hand, office hours are over in Ottawa, to unless they get their staff in Alberta on the job it won’t happen until tomorrow morning.

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Getting rid of library is kind of evil, seriously whats up with the guys in charge there that they are actively turning to be as nasty as they can be? Did Canada elect in some supervillians? Normal bad people don’t do this level of villainy.


Stop that, Canada. You’re supposed to be the sensible one on this continent.


Seriously, I expect this kind of behavior in certain benighted states in America, not Canada. Scary shit, that Canada’s government is apparently embracing crypto-fascism.

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No snark here…far past that now.
To think we have over twenty months before a chance to wipe that smarmy smirk off Harper’s face…I want to just hide myself away. I hate having to admit that…I don’t like to give up, ever.
I wasn’t sure, when Steve-o was elected first time, why I had such a dislike for him…well, I had some points…but, he really really gave me the creeps.
Yes, L_Mariachi…I agree…we are supposed to be the sensible ones on this continent.
I’m guessing here, that too many of my fellow citizens, without doing much research & praying to the ‘oh, just tell me it will all be alright’ invisible ghost of magic…thought it a good ‘bet’ to re-elect this person who promised it all & did so while petting kittens & singing Beatle songs.
Sad doesn’t even come close to how many of us, here, feel.

Yes, Supervillans were actually given the keys to the country. Specific constituency boundaries were reorganized so as to concentrate electoral power to the Very old, Very afraid, and Very inattentive citizens in the country. Negotiations were made with new Canadians who shared socially-conservative cosmologies (IE monotheistic cultural tendencies, misogynistic cultural tendencies, etc.) in order to secure majorities in other specific areas. Illegal misinformation regarding where to vote was selectively disseminated using software and telephones, via Canadian & American businesses. Also, campaign funding was illegally redirected between provincial and federal agencies. All in all, yes. Supervillans have taken over. They have a very cunning leader, who also believes that the world is going to End, Jesus will come and Save the Right Ones, and every one else shall get what they deserve. Which is why said Leader is trying to transmute as much Nature into Gold as he possibly can, before the Rapture comes. The Canadian Propaganda Corps. (IE Postmedia and Quebecorp) continue to studiously avoid reporting on the Leader’s personal belief system, which is good for Him, because time and time again, Canadians surveyed have expressed extremely negative opinions regarding the possibility of being beholden to a Leader who believes in the End Times.
So it goes.

Post Script – Our Fearless Leader also has a Hard On for the Queen. A throbbing, turgid, Muscle of Love for the head of the House of Windsor, nee House of House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, nee House of Wettin.

I’m depressed by how many of the Manic Street Preachers songs from the 90’s apply today, yet somehow they also give me some strength to fight on too.

Lyrics full of doubt with music full of hope.

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Are you kidding? They outsource their astroturfing. Canadian astroturf is too expensive.

The terrifying truth is that the only difference is that Harper is so very much more competent. He’s very, very good at destroying everything that disagrees with him.

Canada has a smaller right wing than the US, but ours is run by some dangerously smart, morally bankrupt monsters.

I won’t bother to look it up, but someone in the last BB post about Canada’s libraries wrote of the transmutation of your extreme right wing into the party of power, and as an American watching that nutbag Ted Cruz (among others), I am more than a little scared of what might be coming down our political pike.

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