Health Canada scientists setting up unofficial libraries as national libraries fail


It’s a total non-story.

In addition, the department says it has consulted with employees and addressed many of their concerns.

Now, isn’t that reassuring? Think Positive, and stop being such a Gloomy Gus.

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It’s possible that some of the people in government never learned the value of a good librarian because they never were challenged by the absense of relevant information “on the web.”

It’s probably something to do with Dear Leader Harper being an employee of the Oil Sands industry. There’s an unsourced story going around about a map being taken down in the Ronald McDonald House in Calgary. It was originally put up and the cancerous kids there were encouraged to put a pin in the map showing where they had come from. But then all the pins were clustered around Oil Sands installations so the map had to go.

Easy to confirm or deny if anyone had access to the data on the geographic distribution of juvenile cancer cases but, oh look, someone’s set fire to that library too. How convenient.

Dear Canadians,

In the spirit of fraternal exhortation, I beg you not to go down the path of being a dysfunctional petro-state. Not only is that path way less fun than the money would suggest, you are right next to the United States, perhaps the world’s leader in poorly considered foreign relations with dysfunctional petro-states.

Turn back, while there is still time, lest you find yourselves being herded in as extras for a photo-op of US ‘liberation’ forces pulling down a giant statute of Harper!

Sincerely yours,
A Concerned American

It isn’t ‘pediatric cancer’ it’s ‘juvenile cellular exuberance’. Defeatist.

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These are the people who, a few weeks ago, walked right up behind him at a conference in BC and unfurled climate posters. They’re pretty intense.

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Can I like this infinity times?

In other words, when government gets out of the way, private citizens step up.

If you see ‘government getting out of the way’ in this story, you, um, might want to try reading it again. Or switch optometrists. They sacked and burned, sometimes literally, the previously functioning infrastructure, which had been working just fine.

poe’s law strikes again!

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