Canada's spooks were NSA bagmen, established spy-posts in 20+ countries and "transnational targets"


I’m just wondering when the good will towards canadians is going to dry up.
Our government sure is pushing it as far as it will go.


cus what’s the point of building up a good reputation if you can’t spend it doing self centred evil? otherwise it’s just wasted.


In other words, you may as well go ahead and take that Canadian flag off of your backpack.

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Not to rain on the CBC’s attempt at journalism, but this isn’t news. This has been going on since at least 1946 and Canada’s inclusion in the UKUSA Agreement.

Canadian Embassies have hosted NSA-built equipment for decades upon decades.

As a result of those risks, Wark says, approval for CSEC to establish a covert spying post at the request of the NSA would have to come from the ministerial level of the Canadian government — or even from the prime minister himself.

Time to throw another flunky under the bus.

Probably an unpaid intern in a constituency office in Flin Flon.

Well it’s about time we stopped.

Or maybe it’s the fault of those three senators that Harper appointed.

So needy…

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