Canadian spies lied to judge to obtain surveillance warrants


I really don’t give a rat’s ass whether the judge was impressed, what I want to know is what sort of corrective measures the judge plans to implement.

Someone needs to be fired, and/or publicly named and reprimanded.

I would think that lying to a judge must have some criminal repercussions.

I know, it’s not illegal if you are above the law, but surely there is still some hope for us…

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Forgive my naïvete, but why does Canada have spies at all?

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Why wasn’t the judge presuming they were lying in the first place? We’re supposed to have an adversarial legal system.

To help industry fight environmental groups, of course:

Canada is a major country, you know. They do have legitimate geopolitical concerns.

If a country can afford to have spies, they’re going to have spies. Just as, if they can afford to have a military, they’re going to have a military. It isn’t about whether a known need exists, it’s about finding out whether a need exists and being prepared if and when it does.

The real question is where Canada find people who aren’t too polite to spy. Maybe they import Americans.

Canada has a great arrangement with the US: Rude Canadians, when abroad, are assumed to be USian. Polite USians are assumed to be Canadian. My (USian) in- laws happily encouraged this when going overseas, to the point of asking me to bring some Canadian flag pins for their backpacks.

As a Canadian…

My old man was lost in Philadelphia Pa. He got out of his car and approached 3 men standing on the corner asking them for directions. They all laughed and one said, “Your Canadian arnt you?”. “Yes” he said. “How did you know that?” They all laughed again and said, “Man, no white cat would ask 2 black and a latino standing on a corner for directions as nicely as you did.”. “OH”. “Well do any of you know where I have go to get downtown too the 'Hotel;”?

They gave him the right directions.

Its people, not nationalities that makes humanity workable. IMO

As too lying too a Judge, that is what law enforrcement do. They lie too make work for more budget funding for more work. Its a contractor’s obligation too streach it out and make more then was thoiught for more money for more blah blah blah


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