Canadian Wifi spying: Harper's secretary spins, lies, and slanders in Parliament




So I suppose technically the CBC did pay for the documents... in that they hired Mr. Greenwald as a freelance journalist. I have no idea how many freelance journalist are on the CBC payroll but given the cutbacks and the fact that they can't send reporters everywhere they'd like, I suspect it is quite high. Still no less suspicious then the fact that he deposited the money in a bank local to where he lives, in a manor similar, I'm sure, to every other freelance journalist on the planet.

Of course this is par for the course for the Harper Government. If someone presents facts or evidence contrary to what they want the population to believe they discredit and then the cut financing.


What is a "porn-spy" and how can I become one?


There is no intellectually honest way to say that hiring a freelancer to write about a story they know is the same as paying a source for documents.

Russian Olympic official to reporters: stop complaining about hotels or we'll release CCTV footage of you in the bathroom

It seems as though the Harper Bunch is starting to slip.
My impression, now, is that they're treading the waters, more and more desperate to use that fleeting single breath to hurl lies upon the world.
It's not that they're drowning; it's that the rest of us are not.


Harper and his cabal represent a uniquely Canadian form of fascism.


Extra Harper points for yet another shot at the CBC (being the only broadcaster not owned by the 1% and thus on occasion prone to reporting facts and evidence that does not favour the Conservative worldview).


I think it's like Austin Powers without the humor.


Fear not! They've been stacking the CBC's board of directors with Conservative Party donors. Keep the Conservatives in power long enough and they'll dump those lieberal journalists and hire some good, truthful reporters like those that work at Sun News.


"The name's Massivecock... Dick Massivecock" smile


It seems politicians are absolute shite all over. Are there ANY good ones?


Ah, I figured it out, its "foreign spy" not "porn spy." I like "porn spy" better though.


Even if they're basically the only person who has access to the documents? Or has document dissemination gone much beyond Greenwald & Poitras (who doesn't seem to write or release anything)?


or Fox!


Bernie Sanders, VT


Sun News people furiously masturbate at the prospect of being Fox News.


Ron Wyden and Jeff Merkley (Oregon's Senators) aren't bad either, they've been some of the bigeer voices in congress to come out against the NSA.

Our representatives aren't bad, either. We wouldn't have elected Peter DeFazio for his 13th term if he wasn't good at not making stupid decisions (voted against NAFTA and deregulating the cable industry, voting against the patriot act every single time it comes up for vote, currently trying to put a small tax on financial transactiosn that would go toward deficiet reduction and job promotion.)


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