Portrait of a failing state: Canadian government's worst moments of 2013


So. . .the burning question du jour: which one is more of an idiot: Bieber or Harper ???

I would be more likely to vote for Bieber than another Harper government. Then at least the impending train wreck will be less devastating to the country.


I love how Bieber looked in his closet that morning and said “I’m meeting the PM, what outfit do I have that will make me look the most like a jackass?”


Harper. Bieber is a pop star kid that had some of his formative years being wildly famous. I can’t remember the last time a pop star kid survived the transition to adulthood without scandal.

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He arguably gave Harper more respect than he is due by showing up at all…


If memory serves, Harper’s office tried to cover for Bieber afterward by claiming on Twitter that he actually was just performing and the photo was taken backstage.

If I were a performing artist I would try to avoid any and all associations with Nickelback, however:

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Scandal is part of the kid pop start formula. Once they hit around 20 or so the gems in their hands start to blink and they’re required to relinquish their teen audience a newly manufactured star. The best way to do this is apparently the good old fashioned sex and drugs route. I’m sure somewhere someone has the powerpoint presentation on how they plan to transition each and every teen star once they hit life force renewal day.


Ooooh. . . the vision of Justin Bieber in Carrousel. . . or having a Sandman hunt him down. . . .

'tis a consummation, devoutly to be wished. . . .

(For those who are going WTF ??, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Logan’s_Run_(film) )


It’s nice to see a politician take time out of their busy schedules to talk with the salt of the earth future farmers of Canada.


Nice to see one of my favorite local small blogs show up on BoingBoing.

With regards to the Book Burning claim. Mr. Doctorow posted a story two days ago alleging that Harper burned the original HMS Challenger logs in a fire, I pointed out the fact that those ORIGINAL logs are actually housed at the British National History Museum. The post was then updated to state…

A COPY of the logs survived overseas.

I again pointed out that the ORIGINALS are housed overseas and that there are in fact hundreds of copies throughout the world. I was then banned from posting on that thread.

Is it common practice on Boing Boing to ban and muzzle posters from speaking the truth? Seems rather puzzling for a website that routinely condemns such muzzling to actually be doing that same thing.

While he was wrong about the HMS Challenger logs, he’s not wrong about the culling, which is taken directly from the gov’t memo. Maybe it’s time to start talking about that, instead of getting lost obsessing over Cory’s error.

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The post was also posted multiple times on reddit in various subs and in no point was anyone able to provide any evidence that original research was being destroyed without a hard copy or digital copy existing. Libraries are being consolidated and if there are duplicate papers the extra sets are destroyed.

There are no bonfires being lit up with books being thrown in. Criticizing government is always welcome but turning them into over the top James Bond-ish super villians lessens the impact of real criticism.

Actually a very small minority of the records are being digitized. Most are just being binned. They’re not even keeping records of what they’re destroying.


Who knew that in my lifetime, the Canadians would come up with a PM that made John Diefenbacker look like a rocket scientist? Thirty years from now, will we be finding that the country is littered with the offspring of this twit too?

My ne’er-do-well granddad in Nova Scotia loved Dief, and I think that led me to dislike him, even though he did some smart things while in office. I even stumbled across him at the Worlds Fair in Montreal in '67, and I have pictures of him stepping on my feet as he stormed by me.

Dief’s children across Canada

If the government’s intent is to consolidate, why does the memo indicate an intent to cull?

You were not banned. Another poster was, who signed up under a mailinator email address and who posted only insulting rants. Were you that poster? I have to ask, considering you believe yourself to have been banned in that thread, and that was the only poster active in that thread to have been banned, and your account was created at about that time.


I receive a pop up stating I am unable to post any more replies in that thread.

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There’s a per-thread postcount/rate limit in effect for new posters, that might be why.