Rob Ford sued for jailhouse beating of his ex-brother-in-law


Now Breaking Bad has finished, I’m sure HBO is looking for another edgy drama to fill the spot. How about “The Bob Ford Show”?



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Ha ha ha! What a jolly laughable bumblefuck! A veritable Oliver Hardy, if you ask me!


I thought we agreed that “Laughable Bumblefuck” is immature and needlessly rude & inflammatory, and that we would use “Laughable Bumbaclot” instead. Cha!


Ok, sadistic bumblefuck it is.


Hogtown Empire. Or in honor of his crack habit, use another of it’s nicknames as is, The Big Smoke.

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And apparently when he’s not having potential witnesses roughed up he still has the time and energy to defend Justin Bieber. What a great guy.



Come on Canada, get your act together and throw that thug in jail already.


No, we want to get him a singing career and export him south.


I was going to college on a merit scholarship, working part time doing printer babysitting and data wrangling for a small marketing company, and just starting to get into SF and fantasy fandom. I’d never been arrested and never had cocaine in my house, although a couple years later I did manage to get a couple of parking tickets.

Yep. Perspective…


I hear you. At 19 I had a kid on the way, was a full time student and had a full time night job. I existed on 2-4 hours of sleep a night. I did not get to drunk race lambo’s but in retrospect that is likely a good thing.


History’s Greatest Monster!


At 19 I was a blithering idiot. Now I’m too old to blither but I’m still holding up pretty good as an idiot. The thing is that teenage male brains mature at vastly different rates and stages. Some 19 years olds might be quite responsible and capable of good judgment, others not so much. I’m not at all interested in Beiber’s music but it’s interesting to consider just how completely out of the norm his life has been. With his fame, wealth and opportunities he has almost no peers. Who does this kid look to as a role model? How can he identify with the choices made by older or more mature males? Nothing in his family background prepared him for the world he occupies…how could it?

I’m not defending him and not making excuses for him, It’s just that his world is radically different from other kids. The same kind of madness hits young sports stars. They have no preparation for their “stardom”. What kid their age do they have to compare notes with. The examples most of these young guys have come from the sensationalist media that preys on their fame and behavior because they make good press.

As far as the fat bumblefuck, hide the bastard someplace so the media shuts up. The quicker he lands in prison the better for all of us. He bores me.


He has to be thrown out by an election, unfortunately.

Were you a singer that hit the big time? There’s no sin or shame in being that, it’s more that you don’t like his music being all over the radio.

The best way to ensure that there’s no overtaking of one type of music over commercial radio in future is to get elected representatives to bring back the legislation that makes it hard for one company to own a ton of radio/TV station in one market; then we don’t have to be overwhelmed with only Justin Bieber and his fellow pop singers.

Judging by his “art”, clearly not Banksy :stuck_out_tongue:

Ford is clearly a fucking asshole, but there are some things he says (this comment about 19 year olds being one of them) and does that make me at least appreciate that he’s not the typical PC politibot. Though, he should probably stay away from the crack and just do cute party tricks like Australia’s elected officials.


…or just don’t listen to the empty pit that is commercial radio.

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That would solve the problem a little bit for some people, but not much. Nothing would change, and the same pop people hate would still be on the radio clogging it up. The goal is to make radio better, not just leave it to itself to do the same thing over and over.

If he gets thrown in jail for his part of this assault, can they replace him earlier?