Toronto mayor Rob Ford "drunkenly calls radio show" to defend self, calling himself "Ian"


I don’t think I’ve ever seen a better example of someone who thinks the way to get himself out of a hole is to keep digging.


Sadly, with all the of the reports about what a loser this guy is, and NONE of it ever catching up to him, I’m getting where I don’t really care.

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I don’t think it sounds like Rob Ford at all. Ford’s voice is slightly higher pitched.

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I could be Randy? But it’s not Rob, or Doug.

Which is the exact conclusion that all of the various city hall reporters on my Twitter feed – people whom I’d expect to know what Ford sounds like – have come to: it’s not Rob Ford.

(As Missy_Pants mentions, Randy has been bandied about as a possible identity. But given that he generally stays out of the media spotlight it’s harder to prove that one.)

I get that “laughable bumble-fuck” is the perfect appellation for this fellow.

Like you, I don’t understand how he remains in office.

I reject the notion that Toronto has exactly the mayor it deserves, but I can’t come up with any other explanation.


I don’t know, I actually have a lot of faith in the people who do radio and talk to people on phones all the time and who have talked to Rob Ford in particular on the phone many times. I think I’d be more sceptical if we weren’t talking about Rob Ford here, but this seems like exactly the kind of thing he would do.

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Like you, I don’t understand how he remains in office.

He remains in office as kicking him out is difficult. There is basically no way to do so unless he’s actually convicted of a criminal offense.

With headlines and content like this, as well as their extensive UK presence, I’m honestly surprised that BoingBoing hasn’t been sued more for libel under the UK’s extremely broad libel laws.

I mean, “Toronto’s crack-smoking mayor drunkenly called Toronto radio host…”? Those are a lot of factual assertions that don’t seem to be particularly substantiated.

Even given that it’s probably not actually Hizzoner, I have to ask: is all of Toronto acting out a street theater version of an unfilmed Chris Farley project?

Mr. Beschizza: I am as fascinated by this audio, but there is no confirmation that this is Rob Ford as of yet. I expect better of Boing Boing.

You accidentally left off “Hence, I shall be cancelling my subscription to your web-site forthwith.”



Come on, the host repeatedly says there is no way to prove it and that listeners will have to make up their own mind. You are free to do just that, just as Beschizza clearly did.

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And I’m sure his ‘decision’ garnered more clicks for that page. But Beschizza isn’t the host, and his post declares that Ford drunkenly called up the station — which there is no proof he had. I suppose I should read all news-related posts on Boing Boing as up-for-interpretation. That just sucks.

Just remember everyone, there is NOTHING illegal about calling a talk radio show! Sheesh!

And furthermore, kids these days?! How DO you know when they’re filming you; they’ve ALWAYS got their cell phones in front of them, I just presumed he was TEXTING!

Mumble mumble …something inaudible. click.

Why would Rob Ford sue Boing Boing in the UK? Rob Ford is in and from Toronto. I believe Rob Beschizza is from the UK but lives in the US. Boing Boing is hosted in Toronto, the BBS is hosted in California. Actually, the only connections I can think of that Boing Boing has with the UK is that Cory now lives there and Rob used to. That’s hardly an extensive UK presence.

Because it’s available in the UK? Because Cory posts from the UK (though he is not the author of this post)? Because the UK has historically been a hotbed of libel tourism as a result of the broad libel laws I alluded to initially?

You’re right that Ford could probably sue under Canadian law, though.

Right, the host was careful not to make declarative statements that it was rob Ford, that he was drunk, or that he smoked crack. That’s what responsible journalists do: they refrain from making unsubstantiated statements and let the audience draw their own conclusions from the facts.

Rob Beschizza is not operating as a simple member of the audience: he is publishing information that he is presenting as fact, on a platform which has previously supported viewing bloggers as journalists (not that this is particularly important for libel purposes).