CBC's flagship news program sold favorable coverage to the Harper government, then lied about it


Please strike ‘government’ and insert ‘regime’ wherever the former occurs. -ed.

Well there you have it; straight up state propaganda from a govt. owned news organization. I stopped supporting the CBC when they discontinued analog television broadcasts (cutting off many rural viewers). Felt it was a contravention of thier basic mandate. Also, I have developed a very unhealthy dislilke for Mansbridge over the last few years - so now I feel somewhat vindicated in that. Of course this plays into Herper’s hands; the less credibility the CBC has the less he has to worry about the deeply entrenched liberal vestiges in it’s guts. The other thing is, it seems like this practice of buying news just might be a lot more widespread that we might like to admit.

Harper’s genius at work: Appoint corrupt Senators and prove the need for Senate reform; pay off newscasters and prove that state broadcasters are corrupt. Voters love this stuff.


I really wish this actually surprised me. When these ridiculous puff pieces popped up on the CBC they reeked of non-news / half-assed Canadian propaganda. Like all the similar stories about the War of 1812 - never mind a country created of peace, order, and good government we’re a country forged in BLOOD! Good grief…

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Although I am not completely convinced that the CBC is entirely a mouthpiece of the Harpoon government I am slightly sympathetic to the idea that True_Tory proposes. Seriously, Brazeau had a pretty checkered past before he was appointed senator he was absolutely destined for failure. So why not let the CBC hang itself? “See they’re just a propaganda tool you effete, white tea drinking liberals!”

Is $65K (as per the still of the video) not practically a token payment considering the usual cost of such television productions?

Ouch. As a huge CBC fan, this upsets me a lot. I just hope Power & Politics and The House aren’t compromised…

(Yes, I’m an Evan Solomon fan)

I read that “evasively-worded denial” and found it to be not evasively-worded and quite satisfactory.

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Not shocked because The National is kind of a joke news-wise. Mansbridge is toothless and they’re more interested in entertainment news and maybe a natural disaster here or there.

The CBC is not entirely a monolith, though, and there are people who do good investigative work there; just not really on the flagship show.

The National is still better than any US national news broadcast.

Now, now, don’t set the bar too high!

My point is that the quality of reportage could be much, much worse. You don’t know how good you have it until you compare against what your neighbors have, right?

On the local level, however, Windsor news is like watching an episode of Andy Griffith in comparison to watching the always-bleeding-or-burning Detroit news.

If you follow the link to the “evasively worded denial” from the article, you will find that it is anything but “evasively worded”. It outlines exactly what money changed hands, for what expenses.

What really happened: CBC (a Crown Corporation nominally independent of the government, but subject to attacks on its journalistic independence by the current regime) and Parks Canada (a branch of the federal government) agreed

  • to split the cost of developing a website
  • to jointly contribute material to the shared website
  • on how the copyright and editorial control of material on the shared website would work
  • to split the cost of hiring some charter planes and the like

Unless there’s something really juicy that turns up later, this is really looking like a non-story.

Well, that is certainly true. “If It Bleeds, It Leads” is the law of the newsland here, too, but there’s overall less bleeding.

Yes, if you closely read the link it does look that way. I guess not all the Canadian scandals can be like Rob Ford. Uh… perhaps I should be thankful about that.

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