Watch countless American news anchors mindlessly intone the same propaganda script


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Cambridge Analytica: Director 'met Assange to discuss U.S. election', channelled $ to WikiLeaks

more propaganda please


You mean the media organizations owned by the rich are the mouthpieces for those selfsame rich people? You mean Jeff Bezos didn’t buy up WaPo because he just loves truth so very very much?


Wow. I haven’t watched the vid yet, but you can see how severely they take the viewers for fuckwits just from the still.


Very well done video. A deceptive delivery method (local news people delivering a corporate message) to warn about deception in social media. Recursive deception?


On-air talent of this low calibre (basically actors as opposed to journalists ) will say whatever their executive producers or news directors tell the writers to drop in the teleprompter. This just goes to show us how corrupt and compromised anyone working for a Sinclair “news” outlet must be.


When you successfully claim that corporations are people, the corollary seems to be that people working for those corporations have to be script-parroting robots. Yay for corporate freedom of speech.


It’s not “News”, hasn’t been for many decades now.


What? My uncle just told me yesterday that they wouldn’t put it on the teevee news if it wasn’t true!


Americans have (thought we had?) laws against politics being for-profit. We have an extensive (eroding) not-for-profit school system. We dream of a not-for-profit medical system. All these things have in common that they are discussed, at least on some level, as essential rights.

Though news, freedom of the press, is also an essential right, I feel like there’s been very little public flabbergastion at the widespread assumption that news should be for-profit.


Fake news is a danger to our democracy. This story and more at 11.


Yes, we’re all different!


“Honesty. That’s the thing in the theater today. Honesty … and just as soon as I can learn to fake that, I’ll have it made.” – 1962


I, for one, welcome our new ______ overlords.




oh look, Portland’s KATU within the first 6 seconds.


Because if anyone’s going to publish biased news without fact checking or exploration of nuance, it should be a Sinclair-owned TV station.

Anything else would just be un-American and downright wrong.


Of course Bezos cares about truth. For instance, WaPo today wrote a scathing article about one of Trump’s recent lies – namely that Amazon doesn’t pay enough taxes.


Seasons greetings!


It’s been stated that people will need to incorporate themselves in order to achieve equal rights.