CNN learned nothing from their 2016 election coverage

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There is only one way to properly interview this guy. It has never been done to the best of my knowledge. It can be, though. He will show up for it, like a moose to a salt lick. Here is how it’s done: A table and two chairs and no audience. Him, his shifty padded ass in the chair, and an interviewer. An interviewer who is not a patsy or a pushover … You sit there and you ask him a question. He says his bullshit. You let him say his bullshit just long enough to determine that he is not answering the question. Then you break in and ask him the question again. You let him say his bullshit again, to launch off on a wild tangent, to do his faux outrage and accusations and all that. When it is clear he is doing that, which will not take long, you break in and ask him the question again…

This is the closest to that I saw, and it was a rarity.


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Oh, they learned everything they need to know.

  1. Trump is great for their ratings

Now that they have conservative ownership, benefiting Trump’s campaign is icing on that cake.


Quoting myself…

@PsiPhiGrrrl’s point about Licht and the change in management at CNN is an important one. It still ended up being an embarrassing sh*tshow, as usually happens when one tries to appeal to fascists and bigots.


I never thought I’d see the day when CNN would host a trump rally.

When do they start airing Pillow Guy ads?


Fuck you cnn.


“So did we net more fox-tucker-dysporia than we lost of our sleepy old folks?”

"Well according to the latest A.I. ratings-o-matic-6000 we get this:

The once-mighty CNN
Loses viewers by the day, it seems
The writing is on the wall.

We’re not sure that has the correct syllable count for a proper hiaku; but we’ve got some top men on that now."




It’s not that they learned nothing, au contraire, they are embracing the maga for the sake of ratings. There’s nothing unintentional about this.


CNN learned plenty from their previous election coverage. They learned that fascism is good for their business, and they learned that they want a hell of a lot more fascism. Sure, a lot of their employees will get their necks stretched, but nothing will happen to the owners, CEO, and corporate board, other than accumulating even more wealth.


Au contraire, CNN learned everything from 2016: The 24/7 newsRAGE cycle of the T___p era is a money-making machine, consequences to democracy and the average person be damned. Biden/Harris is boring. Instability, uncertainty and fear are where the real money is! And if a 2nd T___p term brings about the End of the World in Q3 2025, at least Q2 was fantastically profitable! /s


And they get the ratings coming and going.


What I learned from this thread is how few commenters read a thread, before repeating what others just above them have already said. :roll_eyes:


Which is why privately owned news channels are a bad idea, no matter what Elno says about state-funded media.

In fact 24h news channels in general are a bad idea. You can’t fill 24h with news without it devolving into spectacle over substance.


Years ago, CNN Headline News did work as a 24-hour channel. The half-hour continuous news wheel format delivered what was promised in a reliable manner, with the time constraint forcing more of a “just the facts” approach. TV news isn’t great in general, but within the limitations the format worked.

The point when they changed that channel’s content to continuous true crime documentaries always while retaining the same brand marks one of the points when my former employer as a whole began its decline.


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I miss that channel and the old weather channel too.

I’m surprised nobody has replaced them. I would think it should be dirt cheap to run the same 20 minutes of content on a loop all day. Just 10 two minute segments plus commercial breaks. Could probably even drop it to 8 segments. Start at 4:00 AM with 10 new segments. As the day goes on, replace them one at a time every few hours. Maybe 30 new two minute segments total across the entire day. That shouldn’t be that hard. Make one of them the weather to make it easier. Drive the production expense super low. Just like an index fund instead of an active manger works fine and reduces the expense cost to near zero. Instead of trying to chase viewers for multi hour long blocks, just try to get them to watch 60 minutes total across the entire day. Ten minutes here, five there, fifteen someplace else.

That’s what made the original CNN HN so nice. You could watch any 30 minutes all day long and get the same content. It was a taste and high level, like reading the headlines. If you wanted in depth follow up, you looked for it elsewhere afterwards. Put any long form on the web. Half of TV is always sending you to their website for more information anyway.