Town hall audience was “disgusted” and “bewildered” by Trump, but CNN told them not to boo, only to applaud

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It’s almost like media companies want to cultivate the worst of the right. Over here in the UK, it’s been revealed what most of us had long suspected, a senior BBC official ordered his head of news not to investigate the Brexit lies pouring out of Boris Johnson’s team.

That official, Robbie Gibb, went on to become head of press for PM Theresa May, he’s now back at the BBC.


I really don’t care what some senior Republican consultant says. The optics of an audience laughing and cheering the massive lying bullshit of this man is pathetic. If you want to interview him, be my guest. But don’t do it in front of an audience of his sycophants. Don’t do it with a host who can’t cut him off and get him to answer a question without a firehose of lies. Stop bowing and scraping to right wing propaganda mentality and do your damned journalism jobs. That wasn’t journalism. That was a fluff piece designed to promote Trumpism.


That’s not true, Springer’s audience is allowed to boo assholes



It just adds to CNN’s shame that they felt compelled to do this after they’d already filtered out progressives and liberals from the audience.

As usual with the zentrum, CNN was trying to have things both ways with the fascists. That never works. This is what happens when the decisions at a news outlet are made by MBAs instead of editors with history and political science educations.

This is not rocket science. Don’t.Give.Fascists.Platforms.


CNN had 3.3 million viewers for the trumpy show.

They had a great night.

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CNN may have had a great night in terms of viewers, but the damage to their reputation will cost them far more I suspect. I don’t watch MSNBC much because they are largely preaching to the choir with me, and there is more to the world than the latest GOP sandal or misstep. For me, CNN gave me a bit broader diet of news. But I can’t bring myself to watch after that debacle. A very short term bump for them, a cheap pop. Very short sighted CNN.


So seriously you guys, there were disgusted people in the audience. You just couldn’t see them, or hear them. I think your Canadian girlfriend was there too!


Also, while it was in the past considered wrong, but is commonly done these days, it is not required to address an ex-president as “Mr. President”. Every time the host called him “Mr. President” I wanted to scream. (I only watched a few clips; that was enough.)


Honestly surprised it wasn’t cheering across the board. You’d have to pay me a pretty penny to go sit through a talk with that stink bag. And I would be booing, like cut-to-commercials-while-we-drag-this-madman-out-of-the-studio booing.


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There was one person who needed to “stay respectful” and he did not. But hey… what’s lying about a rape victim compared to some “liburals” booing! That’s the REAL disrespect!!! /s FFS, dude.

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Only if you think money is the only thing that matters…

I’d been looking for her! Thanks!


I don’t believe that explanation. If the audience was truly “disgusted and bewildered” by it, they might have applauded if instructed by CNN, but they wouldn’t have laughed along with Trump’s E. Jean Carroll remarks.

The only reason they attended was to cheer him on. Anybody who didn’t revere Trump wouldn’t have bothered to show up.


Maybe CNN’s objective is indeed to push a fascist agenda and their vision of world order.
Or maybe news organizations should be forced to push a liberal agenda only?

Or maybe CNN is a typical mega corp that cares more about money rather than people or the planet.

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They’re JOB as a NEWS organization is supposed to be to REPORT THE NEWS.

This isn’t rocket surgery.


Fuck CNN.

I went to look for anything I can cancel to route less money to them but apparently I hated CNN and Warner bros before it was cool. Not sure when the last time I paid to see one of their films was.

Exercise your own free speech though!

Fuck CNN. Let them hire every piece of shit failed politician who got camera time during an election cycle and smother themselves in the grift.


A modern capitalist brand makes its money by promising and delivering on a certain good or service. CNN’s brand at the beginning was basically “reliable 24-hour mainstream middle-of-the-road television news”. Turner and then Time Warner made a lot of money on the basis of that typical media mission as a sustainable, long-term enterprise. The brand has been debased over the years in service to the quarterly numbers so sacred to MBAs and shareholders and in a futile attempt to draw in right-wing viewers from Faux. The problem with stunts like this that break the promise is that, over time, the good-faith consumers lose confidence in the brand and revenue streams start being reduced to the point that, even if money is the only priority, it too stops flowing.



Why if they want to do this then give us a real show. Put the orange serial rapist and treasoner in a mud ring and let us come fight him ourselves. I’m sure a lot of good folks would pay for the opportunity and CNN would make a lot of money. Fuck they could even hire bookies.


So long as he can’t get up in the end anymore I don’t care what species enjoy themselves watching. If there are any pigs around when the show is over, then let them in to eat.


“But we wanted the money!!”

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