CBC to cut 657 jobs by the end of the month

The Harper regime has made every effort it can to shut down the CBC, and it seems like it’s winning the fight against informed voters.

CBC/Radio-Canada today announced its 2014-2015 budget. Due to market realities, the plan includes immediate and difficult cuts of $130 million and the equivalent of 657 positions over the next two fiscal years. The Corporation is also incurring one-time severance costs of $33.5 million.

Just talked to my friend at Q (the radio show) and no one knows who is being cut… just that there are 657 cuts coming at month end, and no incentives to quit and no early retirement offers. The amount of stress everyone at CBC is going to be under for the next 15 days is unimaginable to me…

Thanks Glorious Leader.

In comparison, here is what other nations spend (per capita) on public radio…

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That seems like a move designed to keep CBC staff from speaking out against the cuts. CBC no longer bidding on any sports seems like a way for Rogers and Bell to drive down the price they have to pay. I noticed that part of the cuts were cancelling plans for a London, Ontario expansion. I assume that was an expansion of local radio programming since London hasn’t had access to CBC TV over the air since the digital switchover.

The fact that 9 of the 12 people on the CBC’s board of directors have donated money to the Conservative Party might be part of the problem.


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