Ontario judge dishonours his court and disgraces himself by presiding in a MAKE AMERICA GREAT hat


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Because, like, “Freedom of speech”. Unless you disagree. Who really are the fascistic overlords here? Get a grip you lot. Someone disagrees? Argue your point, don’t take to the internet and just lambast them, don’t you get it? Reason will out, everyone’s sick of being preached to by non-existent “sides”. truth will out.


Canada doesn’t have the U.S. Constitution or Bill of Rights as laws of their land.


This is supposed to be an impartial forum. As in, it doesn’t matter if you disagree, in any way, you’re still supposed to be impartial. As in, you don’t show up explicitly announcing that you agree with a particular viewpoint!

Get a grip, yourself.


Classy as fuck!


Judges do not have freedom of speech. Judges have “codes of judicial conduct,” which severely restrain their freedom of speech while they are in court.

It’s not a violation of my free speech rights if my boss tells me I’m not allowed to greet every customer at my till with “Go fuck yourself.”

Free speech isn’t the right to say anything you want with consequences in all contexts.


Oh Canada…


Says the person taking to the internet to lambast us?


The MAKE AMERICA AGAIN hat is the first product featured on BB that I’m inclined to buy . . . and NO AFFILIATE LINK!

Please refund my membership fee to this site immediately.




Unlike in the U.S., in Canada, judges are required to be politically neutral. Making political statements from the bench is not only antithetical to the Canadian justice system, it’s completely nonsensical in this case given that Canada isn’t part of the U.S. At least not until Trump sends in the tanks.


Especially since we don’t elect our judges.


That’s a nice sentiment and all, one we’ve been hearing echoed around the last few days, but who’s going to rein in the keyboard army of right-aligned trolls who do nothing but lambast the left? Are they going to go away if the left just shuts up?


Well I guess running to Canada isn’t an option anymore.
MAGA has spread North of the border.


True, but Canada does have their own constitution, which includes freedom of expression.

That’s still a fux0ringly stoopid argument for Swanbury to have made, though, given the context (i.e.; a judge, at work)


Something I learned from all this - is that the barrage of posts from left groups has actually entered the consciousness of these people - apparently all the angst against posts like this, is because they only get their news through these types of headlines and so this is actually catching them by surprise.

I think what the left needs to learn is to keep this up - don’t let up - because letting the other side post bullshit is more dangerous than we could have ever imagined.


“Stop, you! Do you see that hat? It is the hat of America. Bow down before that hat! Bow down I say or it will be the worse for you!.”

Okay, that bit actually comes from the story of William Tell. But them yesterday, you tomorrow.


It’s a judge, in court displaying that he is supportive of a very outspoken misogynist, transphobic, xenophobic wannabe dictator.

In what way is that a fair trial? If you don’t happen to like hateful dictators, he’ll obviously be biased against you. If you happen to like people like trump he’ll be biased in your favor. If you’re neutral, then you’re worse than an active enemy to him.

What if the judge wore a hat like this, then displayed it on his desk:

And you just happen to be a slaughterhouse operator on trial for not paying insurance or something on time?


Impartiality is important.


You had a retail job?


A lot of us did at various points in life.

What I wouldn’t have given to be able to welcome certain asshat customers with “welcome to [store], go fuck yo’self”.