Sovereign Citizen Gets a Year For Being An Ass

This story is pretty great.

Some rural areas of Canada have recently become infected by the Sovereign Citizen nonsense from our friendly neighbours downstairs. One of those idiots found himself in a courtroom and the judge handed him his ass in no uncertain terms, explicitly to send a message to the rest of these people. The details are worth reading because the judge was not fucking around. He said all the things we wish someone would say to these people. It was a great moment for social democracy.

I especially love the part where he was denied entry to the courtroom because he refused to wear a mask, then was charged for not showing up in court. :joy:


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From ATL…


We (UK) had a lot of this flavour of nonsense during lockdown where business-owners thought they could opt-out of lockdowns by posting a terrible reference to Magna Carta in their window. I reflect that compliance would have been easier if they had adequate financial support for closing their business.


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