Canadian artist gives journalist full access to witness her medically-assisted 'good death'

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This is a beautiful and moving contrast to the
right-wing Xtianist death cult’s fear- and power-based view of dying. This is a fundamental aspect of life, and de-mystifying it, removing the element of dread, and introducing the element of informed and ethical choice is something we need to see more of.

Ms. Loeden has culminated her own life in a particularly honourable way in how she left it, benefitting not only her family and friends but society at large.


I didn’t expect to cry before breakfast, but here we are. Yet somehow they are happy tears. Absolutely lovely.


When my uncle got MAID, they fucked up the procedure so badly… gave him the shots in the wrong order… he was in absolute agony at the very end, the family had to leave the room it was so upsetting… it was everything that this process shouldn’t have been.

Now my aunt is facing her end as well and chose MAID. She’s got more faith in the process… hasn’t been discussed yet where we’ll all be during that time… I don’t want to be in the room… my grandma passed while holding my hand… that’s enough trauma for me, thanks.

But I’m glad we have options in Canada… like everything involving our freedoms, lots of pain and suffering had to happen to get where we are today. If I’m in agony and my time is near, I don’t want some suit in Ottawa thumping their Bible and calling me a sinner for wanting to end it.


I work for a funeral home. It’s an odd thing to have an appointment to pick someone’s body up at a specified time.


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