Canadian Civil Liberties Association sues Toronto, Ontario, and Canada over the plan for a Google Sidewalk Labs "smart city" in Toronto

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Good. Been trying to follow this post-Orwellian dumpster fire since it first came across my screen. May it either get stopped altogether or battery technology advance rapidly enough to build a backpack emp device.


Fuck Yeah!


Breathing is implied consent.


It’s a jump, but it’s not such a big jump. This sort of thing is already happening in shopping malls. Here in Manchester, UK, we have the Arndale Centre. I have the impression that many U.S. Malls are on the outskirts of cities. Here, the Arndale is a massive excresence, and, when shut, prevents through routes within the city - a detour of a mile or so is necessary. When the IRA bombed it, there was a certain amount of mixed feeling about. it. The ground-level consensus was “good choice!”. So I see this Canadian scheme as an attempt to extend control beyond the Malls into the streets themselves. There is a movement here to try to regain some of the streets which have “accidentally” become closed malls. It’s the city version of someone buying the village common. By the gods, fight it!

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