Carburetor cleaning is easier with (some of) the right tools

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Carburetor cleaning…

#1] patience
#2] see number 1


Purchased the kit. Now I can stop ripping a single wire out of a wire brush whenever I need to clean a carb pinhole. Thanks!
Also, this guy sells an ultrasonic cleaner that can both clean your vinyl LPs & carb parts, cool!


Want that kit. No particular need for it; it’s just so freakin’ cool.

Some marinas (lakes and ocean), as well as small airports sell non-ethanol gasoline. You can try one of the fuel additives, but they’re a mixed bag according to people who use them.

Best bet is to shut the fuel line, and drain the carb bowl. I know what a hassle that is, but way less hassle than cleaning the jets!


I bought an inexpensive ultrasonic cleaner and I’m never going back.

I bought an ultrasonic denture cleaner at a thrift store 30 years ago for $2. It works great on all those little-ish things like carbs.

That’s a sweet DO R90S. Mine has 88k miles - it’s a lot worse for wear. But I’ve never had an issue with the Dell carbs.

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I needed a professional ultrasonic for my watchmaking work, so I got an Elmasonic S40H- specifically picked that model because it was the smallest I could still fit my BMW R90/6 carburetors in (when I clean the hell out of it afterwards before it touches another watch). But about 900$.

Some cheap ultrasonics should work ok for non precision stuff as long as you get one that has tank heating- and you use the right solution. I have a lot of background in ultrasonic cleaning from watchmaking school- if you end up picking up one, pm me and I’ll help you find a good solution for the purpose. The solution makes the biggest difference honestly. Expect good stuff to be around 45$ a gallon or so, depends on what you go with.

Look into GemOro stuff, its cheap but made ok. For parts cleaning like this, should do ok.

I like the wire set and I may get that myself. Trying to completely restore my R 90/6 over the next 8 months to something incredible…

In the mean time, find some of this. Its no joke- not only does it actually exist, but it’s the best spray lube I’ve ever used. Makes even PB Blaster seem like crap.

Yeah, it’s definetly worth sussing out where to buy non-ethanol gas for older carburetted vehicles. In addition to the sources you mentioned, where there are motor vehicles, there are racers, and places that sell non-ethanol in various octanes. This is a good general source.

I am at 49992 as of parking her tonight and draining the bowls.

Likely take her out again tomorrow. I’m feeling like my daily driver may be the bike for a while.

And a vat of Chem Dip.

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