Randy's Black Label gets my marijuana smoking glassware sparkling clean

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Wasn’t there a big amount of black gunk at the very front of the pipe when he was done?

Or did they just pick a terrible pipe to use for the demonstration?


I’m cleaning my bong right now!


Is this appreciably better than 90% isopropyl from any store or acetone from the hardware store, and kosher salt for scouring?


I was gonna say, they use acetone to clean glass for organic chemistry in universities worldwide because it works flawlessly and costs very, very little.
pretty sure some of the crud from organic chem is far more tenacious than bong resin. good call on the salt, too.


And you can buy a gallon can of acetone at any hardware store for pretty cheap…


once you’ve ever properly cleaned labware you are pretty much on the right track to cleaning any glassware, imho.

if you mainly do concentrates and have a dab rig then an ultrasonic temperature controlled bath with closed lid glass jars filled with 99% ISO is the way to go.

you can then reclaim and extract. if you are good at reclaiming you get amber shatter, if you aren’t you still get a dark goo stronger than phoenix tears.


Agreed. I get great results with my table-top vaporiser using isopropyl alcohol.

Actually, yep, this works for me. Who needs Randy?

And @Papasan - cleaning your bong right now while drinking Black Label? (Johnnie Walker.)

“I’m cleaning my bong right, now that I bought Randy’s”.

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I use isopropyl and salt too. I hate cleaning shit - any shit - I just hate cleaning - but that seems to work a treat for me.

Amber shatter? Phoenix tears? Explain please. I have never smoked pot.

I am a cheap Vodka user myself. It is not poisonous with a few pipe cleaners, good to go.
BTW the used Vodka does not make a very good mixer. ;~}

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Shatter is a clearish brown to yellow more pure concentrate of just the active components in marijuana. You vaporize it on a hot surface rather than smoke it. you need a lot less as it is much much stronger and you aren’t getting as much other stuff in your lungs. people refer to it as dabbing. (not the dance move)

Phoenix Tears are also called RSO and are a full spectrum plant extract, meaning it is a goo like a dark tar substance, and it is typically taken orally for people with cancer.

There are many forms of cannabis concentrates and extracts these days, the concentrates are especially good for providing more information about dose and composition so you can find more or less THC/CBD/CBG/CBN depending on which substance or which ratio is most beneficial for a specific condition.

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Poisons just sound like a bad idea. I’m going with vodka and salt.

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ALL of the ingredients you use (water, ethyl alcohol, and salt) are poisonous, my friend, especially the alcohol, in sufficient quantity and/or specific circumstances. Isopropyl generally evaporates a lot faster (at least at 90% strength), evaporates fully with no residue, and it’s CHEEEEEAP.


I use an 850$ Elma S40H 36k frequency 3 transducer labratory level ultrasonic cleaner, heated to 80C, and denatured alcohol suspended in a glass jar in a bath of Polychem Ultra CR ultrasonic cleaning fluid, running for 15 minutes, to clean my accoutrements.

Please mind that I’m not such a serious smoker that I bought all of that just to clean my glass pipe, I use the ultrasonic cleaner in my restoration work so I have it around. It just occurred to me one day that boiling water on the stove to clean a bubbler was such a pain in the ass I wondered what a serious ultrasonic would do so I put it in mine.

The result was holy shit clean but you could probably get similar results at least for pipes with an $80 gem Oro normal ultrasonic and denatured alcohol. Just make sure if you use denatured alcohol as the vibratory Medium as well as the cleaning medium that you put it all outside because it might explode from the fumes generated by vibrating A flammable mixture.

Science yo.


Thank you for finally explaining dabs and shatter. I have a friend that does this stuff and he could never explain what it was properly. All I know is it’s like being clobbered with a sack of hammers it’s just too strong.

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90%+ rubbing alcohol and salt do the trick for me.

cheap, too.

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Yup! 90% isopropyl and coarse salt work amazingly well and are really cheap and easy to get. Leaves your glassware nice and shiny with no residue.

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Oh man. I am have been looking for an excuse to get an ultrasonic cleaner big enough for my carburetors, but they only need to go in the tank every 24+ months. This is it…

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