WaterPuff - portable instant waterpipe

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Er… uh… I don’t know a lot about this stuff, but isn’t that part on top where you put your stuff and light it on fire? Why is that plastic? Or is it glass?

Amazingly troll like post just to get some amazon click referral monies.

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Any stoner worth their salt ought to be able to mcgyver themselves a bong out of whatever’s within about ten feet of them.


The stem is glass.

And if you think vaping doesn’t get you the same taste, you are sadly mistaken. Vaping gets you a purer taste and no burning taste that flaming involves.

Plus, you can keep the left overs and use them in edibles. Double usage!


Really, BongBong? Really?


I’m surprised it hasn’t been used till now.


I don’t imbibe much these days, but do primitively use Fire! when I do. when I did imbibe enough to warrant special equipment it always involved water. It definitely rates above no water. Though a large well drilled river stone comes close they tend to be heavier than the water options.

But, now that the SCC has ruled that the government was just plain stupid to demand that all medical users be required to use medically with Only! Fire! (did you know that? Stupidest thing ever!) When I do begin the medical regimen use I will definitely try vaporizers for health and comfort.

But this device is clever, just keep the original lid and you have quick and easy disposal of bong water, which btw can be used for making pancakes, but the amount of vanilla extract & chocolate needed makes it costly, I learned from youth.

If you must have Fire! then all you need in addition to this is a pipe cleaner.

One other advantage to Fire! Water! is that if you are in high school and are much abused by certain elements you can use a funnel improvised of paper to Fire! Water! Bomb! said elements lockers after everyone retreats to their classrooms.

Dayum, just thinking about it affects my brain. That’s cheap!


When I used to bong I’d use the snow from the roof of the freezer instead of water. Much smoother.

This sounds like the most disgusting thing ever, but I must know more. Please tell.

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Oh tis simple, any instant pancake mix for milk or water, replace water or milk with devil tainted stank water, add copious amounts of pure vanilla extract and Hershey’s cocoa powder & viola.

I made them twice & served them to friends before ever daring to try myself. the first time they told me there was slight aftertaste, needed more vanilla etc.

The second time I made them I added more vanilla & cocoa and ingeniously I must say, dropped in a whole tablespoon of mint extract. This meant chocolate mint pancakes, but eliminated any hint of odoriferous death juice.

Now, this was never rotten death juice, just the night’s before death juice if guests were had, which usually meant an oz or more had passed through.

Friends reported contentedness followed by sleep and eventually had to be asked to leave. One friend claimed not to understand what was going on so be clear if you serve it. He was in high spirits until the recipe was explained, then he alone became ill so I think it was just his mind. Probably in times past he had bombed his own carpet with rotten death juice and had an understandably bad association.


Oh and it’s also useful with regard to knowledge of your friends, for I had afterwards no doubt of their trust… I mean really, who would try that if offered except by one held in high regard?

I knew that bong water captures and holds in solution a certain small amount of THC, but I would never guess it’s so much to render those effects.

Now the question is if SWIM dares to try it.

I felt it somewhat, but at this juncture my friends & I didn’t do edibles, those were special occasion things, so smoking was all we had. That probably emphasized the effect, but it was also emphasized by the very thought of it. Even now I don’t do edibles, so when I do one cookie puts me on my butt, pleasantly.

It made one guy sick, but only if he knew, so while it certainly did have a real effect as an ingredient it was also probably enhanced by the very notion when half of them watched me add the brown noxious & knew it for reals.

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Flower vaporizers have to walk too fine a line between under and over heating and tend to be at the higher spectrum of cost to effectiveness.

I argue that one should switch to dabs/wax/oil/shatter if they are inclined to vape. A dab pen can be as cheap as $20 on ebay (I have one, it’s fine but I’ll be spending a couple more bucks to switch to a smaller pen) and much easier to “tune” than a flower vaporizer.

Less harsh, more pure, and much much easier to use in public.

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“imbibe”, lol.

ProTip: swap H2O for OJ, you’ll be glad you did.

FunkDaddy: maybe serve with pancakes? ; )

Well said. After a couple of years of nerding out on every possible ingestion method, dabbing + edibles is my preferred route.

I’ve been looking for a good wax/shatter pen recently as well. Carrying a large glass piece plus e-nail to various places is going to end in tears eventually.

Btw, a great resource is Vape Critic. Very thorough real world reviews. Broken down into subgroups for desktop models, portables and pens. Often times two units with the same specs will get very different reviews due to manufacturing quality, subtle usability issues, tweaks in software etc. He has helped me more than once dodge a bad purchase.

If you buy a cheap crappy one maybe. I have been very happy with my Arizer Solo on level 2 power for years now and have never looked back. Vapes exactly what you need and leaves the aforementioed leftovers for reuse.

Concentrates tend to be too much for me. Coupled with “you only need a hit or two” school of thought negates the social aspect of sharing a bowl and passing it around. Plus with flowers you still have much more variety than what your store might happen to have in concentrate.

The thought alone of fire coming near my bud sends me into a psychosomatic coughing fit let alone doing it for real…

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Impossible, sir, it’s in Johnson’s underpants.