CNN: Man's "nice millennial vaping session" ruined when device exploded

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“nice millennial vaping session”

A little conflict in terms there, me thinks.



I burnt the shit out of my tongue once. When I was a kid we only got pop on special occasions. After ball games, fishing, hamburger night, and going to the pizza place. So the owner of the pizza place some times would add a little more pop to my drink when I went up and asked for more ice (this was back when places didn’t have free refills.) One day i didn’t want to eat all my ice to ask for more, so I went into the bathroom, turned on the hot water, and melted the ice. I guess they had the old school water heaters than can scald, because there was just a tiny bit of water left when I dumped it out. For some reason, instead of dumping it out again, I threw it into my mouth.


It was scalding hot. I burnt off the first layer of my tongue. It felt like sand in my mouth from all the dead skin. I don’t remember how well or how fast it healed. In hind sight this might have been a pretty severe scalding, but I didn’t tell anyone because I thought I’d get in trouble.

And the sad part was this time when I asked for ice, I just got ice, but my tongue needed it so…


Shit!! One more thing in this world I have to worry about.
Oh…wait…i don’t vape…


Someone brought Warheads (extremely sour candy) into work recently.

I made the mistake of consuming four of them (the four different flavours) in sequence.

By the time I was done, the roof of my mouth was literally bleeding.


Acid burns! You can tell everyone you were kissing a Xenomorph.


I’m not sure why the millenial thing was relevant to the article, it’s shoe horned in the beginning and never mentioned again


Maybe he started the session in year 1016?


This is the sort of thing that explains why Viagra became popular instead of battery-powered condoms.


Anyone care to speculate on what sort of battery must have been involved to get that sort of tissue damage?

For a contemporary, compact, device I’m assuming some lithium flavor; but all the li-ion and li-poly cells I’ve ever pissed off have just sort of bloated up a bit and then, if sufficiently wrathful, started emitting distinctively colorful flames and noxious smoke from whatever the weakest part of their housing turned out to be.

Burn hazard, definitely; toxic, I assume so; but not the sort of small explosion required to disrupt teeth or rip a tongue hole(the jet of flame might ablate its way through the meat tentacle eventually; but the user would be inclined to spit it out before it manages that). The surface scorching of the hand seems much less surprising.

Are there peppier batteries out there(perhaps being packaged in all metal housings by dangerous idiots who don’t know that pressure relief is a vital design element)? Is the battery not at fault; but some sort of fuel/air incident with the vape compound?

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ETA: (I see the typo, but I’m not going to take the time to shoop it again.)


It’s an indirect way to say it was pot.


I posted this the other day:



I would not wish that on anyone. My latest annoying experience with a vape bro was a couple of days ago. I was behind a car, but not following super close, and the driver was vaping. he must have tweaked it, because every time he exhaled, a giant cloud mostly filled his car and out his window. The fruity nicotine smell filled my car as well, even though I had the windows up and the ac on. I am wondering when we will start hearing about nicotine overdoses.


The unit doesn’t necessarily need to have any nicotine in it. A guy in my company, who vapes competitively coincidentally, doesn’t add any nicotine in his. However there are other potential chemicals and side-effects specific to vaping.
But yeah, damn, i dislike people who like to pretend they’re Puff the magic dragon and blow their shit everywhere.


So… any battery can get hot and the lithium batteries are super good at it. They get a runaway reaction if they break down, and they all do… The better designed batteries use protection circuits to prevent under and overcharging. and are designed to break their connections when they swell up, and are designed to vent a failed batteries’ flames out of a hole pointed away from faces and whatever else.

But a vape from eBay is likely to be missing many of those safety features… and it becomes an electrochemical pipe bomb.

Spraying flaming toxic metals everywhere. Exploding in mouths. Etc. I’ve seen the bad designs, talked to the bad designers, and in one case argued with a guy until he came out with a revision… cause even the vape makers didn’t get battery safety.

I mean… it’s not like they advertise all the stuff we plug into USB ports to charge are potential chemical bombs.


“vapes competitively”

That’s a thing? …Checks the Google…

Apparently so.


I like the old-school lemony-taste of a 9-volt.


I was just assuming that the only reason anyone would smoke or vape is to satisfy an addiction. But I suppose that goes back to the rule about assuming things.


Of course, devices like this should be tested and regulated to ensure that they’re safe to use, and this particular story is man-bites-dog newsworthy.

But if you want to get your nicotine/thc/whatever for the day, then this shouldn’t put you off. Because you know what isn’t quirky and newsworthy?