Find a vaporizer that’s right for your budget (and your health)

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This product - although extraordinarily reasonably priced - won’t suit my needs. It doesn’t appear to be at all capable of vaporising any of my enemies.


i hate this type of article that confuses vaping flavored or nicotine liquids with vaping cannabis and THC concentrates. i’m sure there are crossover users but any article on vaping should be specific to one or the other kind of user.


Could it vaporise them in stages. If it will do a fist sized piece at a time it might take a while but after the first ones gone then it’s workable.


Don’t forget the third kind - non-nicotine/non-THC candy flavors, like strawberry.

The industry has done a horrible job telling you which products will addict you for life, and which ones you can quit. I’m pretty sure this is on purpose.


Vaporize the right substance and maybe your enemies will become your friends.


Agreed. Part of the problem is that there seems to be this hesitancy to actuall say what “plant material” is. It’s pot, okay? Marijuana. Weed. Wacky tobacky. Kind bud. Whatever you want to call it, just name it instead of being obtuse! It seems so strange now that marijuana is legalized in several states that people still feel the need to pretend it’s something else. It only continues the clandestine mythology and ultimately makes it harder for people to find good information.


I just so happen to have done the legwork for you, however, and have a few vapes to recommend.


If you are using nicotine in them, they are probably not right for your health. Although “Doctors Smoke Camels”…


My beef with all of this is I know smoke essences or oils or whatever the kids these days stick in vaporizers. I smoke ground up plant material. Most of the advertised vapes require you to read the fine print to find out if they even work with that, which is dumb.


Marijuana. Say it!

Why would you think this? Nicotine is not carcinogenic. PAHs in smoke are. What’s the health issue there?

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Even though the health risks are different than smoking, they are still substantial.

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Max, that’s about diacetyl and that is primarily flavored vaping blends. It’s a problem that will go away on its own, but regulation may be required to achieve that. They should get it out of movie theater popcorn too. I think you changed the subject, I will assume it was accidental.

I’d like to get back to the question I was asking about. Health impacts of nicotine ecigs and NOT about ecigs which don’t even contain it.

I use one which contains nicotine and no diacetyl, What should be my health concern there?


A small amount of non combustible organic material that enters into your lungs into a suitable way.

(Moderation in all things, including moderation)


The stuff in my ecig isn’t hazardous, mine is water based. Water is notably non-combustable.

I’m not sure about the kits in the post though. I find flavored vapes pretty dodgy.


I actually have no issues with someone smoking or vaping, as long as they don’t make me breathe it. I am allergic to nicotine. But nicotine is not good for anyone. It has measurable detrimental effects on fetal development.
“Women using smokeless tobacco have also been shown to give birth earlier than women not using tobacco”
Like other addictive substances, neuroadaptation becomes an issue with continued use. At some point, an addicted person finds themselves needing more and more of the addictive substance to maintain the dopamine levels that they would have had they not become addicted.
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I am not a smoker. I do not have any personal experience with smoking or vaping. However, I don’t think I have ever talked with a tobacco user who continued to use tobacco long term for any reason besides avoidance of withdrawal symptoms.
But I am never going to vote to interfere with your use of nicotine or THC. If you want to vape or smoke or even mainline it, I don;t see that as any of my business. I only responded to the post because of the implication that there is healthy nicotine use. I do not think that assertion is supported by data.

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Mary Jane?


For dry herbs, from this roundup, you’d want the PAX 2. Its successor, the PAX 3 is marginally better in taste, but almost half again as expensive, and it has inferior fit and finish. That said, the best discreet portable dry herb vape on the market at current is, IMHO, the DaVinci IQ. It too is in the PAX 3’s expense range, but it’s a significantly superior design and taste. But for the value, the PAX 2 is the best deal.

Also, I recommend getting a good grinder. Unlike a vape, a really good grinder won’t become obsolete, so you can use it for decades to come. Dry herb vapes, far more than glass, need finely ground herbs to work their best. I like the Space Case, but they do run somewhat pricey.

Hope that helps. I sympathize regarding the lack of clear information.

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