Vaped crusader


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Great example of bad tactics.

Offend people and they don’t want to help you.



“Rep. Duncan Hunter S. Thompson”


I support a constitutional amendment exempting zombie Hunter S Thompson from all drug-related laws.


Well we don’t want overly-broad language causing unintended consequences. Pity there’s no way to avoid that, such as drafting our laws with care.


Oh come now, surely we don’t have a system whereby you need permission from a doctor to have certain things, which could then be used for screening this…


Why should we need such permissions anyway? Why should we beg for, and pay for, some pieces of paper that “permit us” to have access to Something Special?


I can only imagine what the TSA will want to eventually do in regards to search and seizure of vape related materials.

Also: I seriously hate vaping. Seriously.


Why? Did it do anything to you?


I like it, because it means I can walk down the street vaping weed, and everyone will assume I’m just some jackass using a vape, rather than a dirty hippie doing something illegal.


You have to beg for your prescriptions? Maybe you’re asking your doctor for something that’s not good for you.


I dislike vaping, and while different from smoking i still see it as similar enough to not want to be around someone exhaling a bunch of vapor. Some argue that it’s not like smoke and that it goes away, it sort of does but the vapor smell lingers and as a person that is sensitive to smells and gets migraines from them i don’t want someone near me puffing away. I had a jackass vaping during a movie, stunk up the entire theater and you could smell it down the hall. Last thing i’d want is someone going at it during a flight or in an enclosed space.


“For freedom’s sake,” said Hunter.

Sadly this GOP fool will go to bat for Vape, but won’t protect Medical Marijuana “for freedom’s sake”. Interesting pretzel logic.


You can smell water vapor? That’s a hell of a mutation.

I think some people are just freaked out because they’re now faced with visible evidence that they share the air with other people and they’ve been inhaling other people’s exhalations their whole lives. Now they can’t pretend they live in a nice little bubble of invisible air.

P.S. ~ Hate cigarette smoke, don’t give a flap about steam.


Thank fuck. People who vape in enclosed spaces are disgusting, noxious, offensively selfish assholes. If you want/need your fix, get it outdoors and away from the rest of us who are trying to live healthy, chemical stink-free lives.



Oh I am so proud of my congressman. /s


Don’t be a twat. I vape, and will testify that there are some foul ass, heavy smelling flavors out there.


When I went with my wife and kids to see the new Star Wars movie, someone nearby was vaping weed (or wax or whatever). Smelled nice, but I wasn’t thrilled with my kids enjoying that second hand smoke. And the nicotine vape folks? Nicotine is evil like heroin, stay well away. My mother is a x-smoker, two time lung cancer survivor/fighter and my father in law died of COPD from smoking until it hurt too much. The tobacco companies are behind this crap pushing kid-friendly flavors and names to hook the next generation of addicts, errrr I mean customers!

I woulda had some respect for this douchenozzle if he had vaped some cannabis (much less harmful and addictive than tobacco). Instead he just wants to exhale his insecticide with impunity, cuz FREEDUMB! you do know nicotine evolved as a natural insecticide, right? groovy baby!

I’d like to add this asshole to my LinkedIn network!