Vaping deaths and illnesses linked to contaminant

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There’s likely other mechanisms that might also be unhealthy for people vaping but either way i just never believed into the idea that vaping is healthier than smoking. It might be better but that doesn’t mean it’s without risk, and i’m just not interested in inhaling vapor or smoke. That said if vaping helps someone quit smoking then more power to them.


I quit smoking a few years ago. A friend let me try her Juul a few months ago and it was awesome. No smelling like ash, a quick puff instead of a 10 min commitment, and a nice nic-buzz.

My second Juul (in three months) just broke, so I’ve decided to forgo the expense of buying another. A fun experiment but I’ll breath easier from now on :slight_smile:


It’s important to note this is re: cannabis vapes, not juuls or other e-cigs.

“The number of samples received continues to increase and we now have over 100 samples for testing,” spokesman Michael Felberbaum said Thursday .

Not all the samples are suitable for testing. The FDA analyzed 12 viable nicotine samples and 18 viable THC products, state officials said. Vitamin E acetate was found in 10 of the 18 THC products.

It sure would be nice if they’d let us know the brand(s) of the contaminated samples, they most all have an identifiable logo and come from legit producers in legal states even when purchased in prohibition states.


It’s no big deal in Kelvin: less than two times higher.


“Much healthier than smoking” is not exactly a high bar to clear.

As an alternative to smoking, vaping is great. As an alternative to not consuming drugs by inhalation, it’s terrible.


Does anyone know of this news article in any Spanish-speaking news outlets? I’d like to show it to my friend here in TJ who buys marijuana cartridges, and frankly, it’s too nuanced for me to express to him in my limited use of the language.


Once the oil is heated hot enough to vaporize, it can potentially decompose, and “now you’re breathing in who-knows-what,” Francl said.

Shouldn’t a chemistry professor know what it could decompose to? I’d expect better than “who-knows-what.” I guess she was going for sensationalism.

When that vapor cools down in the lungs, it returns to its original state at that temperature and pressure, she said, which means “it has now coated the inside of your lungs with that oil,” she said.

So does it decompose at that temperature or not? If it does, then it wouldn’t return to its original state when it cools inside your lungs.


It isn’t…but it is also unclear that vaping clears that bar.

I’m unconvinced. I mean clearly it has some practical advantages, but I’m not convinced it has health benefits (except: if one is attempting to quite smoking altogether and finds a side trip through vapeland is helpful in doing that I expect it is clearly healthier actually quit smoking even if you temporarily pick up another habit that may be approximately as bad for you)

To be clear, if someone wants to vape I’m not against it (unless you force others to vape by doing it where they need to breathe it). I just doing think it is right for anyone to claim vaping is safe without significantly more study.

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Not when she didn’t make it herself. Any “Mystery!” show detective can tell you that profit as motivation is the key to a good murder or manslaughter by people “just doing business” by withholding manufacturing processes or ingredients. I would think it needed some reverse engineering at least.


Not when she didn’t make it herself.

I thought she was referring to the Vitamin E Acetate, not the overall vape liquid.


I understand, but we can’t always believe it is what they say it is, right?

ETA: I’m looking at the tobacco industry when I say this.

ETA ETA: Or even VW, with its test falsifications.


Thanks for that. I had a similar reaction to that wording, but couldn’t be bothered to deconstruct everything that was wrong with it.

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Sept 2nd, so it might not have the latest news.

I punched “Vaping muertes y enfermedades relacionadas con contaminantes” into Google.


Yeah seriously. To correct the original:

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Ah, cool. He likes those vaping cartridges, so I at least want to give him some food for thought.


There’s also the simple fact that “healthier” DOES NOT mean “healthy”. Easy, silly example: It is obviously somewhat “healthier” to only drink half a dose of poison, rather than a full dose. Healthy, however? Hell no!


Gee, who’d have thought that letting drug peddlers put whatever they want into their product- without having to label the ingredients- might have a bad outcome? /s


Yeah, as a former smoker, half of the work in getting over the addiction were the psychological triggers, so I get the desire for inhaling something. But, there are much more effective ways to quit that don’t just get you hooked on something else. (Patches helped me finally kick the habit.) And at the end of the day, if you’re not addressing the triggers, it’s not going to be very easy to quit.

As for the cannabis related products, I’ve never seen an oil making process that didn’t involve some gnarly chemicals. It doesn’t really surprise me that there are additives that are harmful. More reason to legalize federally so we can have some reasonable standards, mayhaps?