Florida man dies in bedroom from exploding e-cigarette


Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2018/05/16/florida-man-dies-in-bedroom-fr.html

Florida Man arrested for teaching kids where babies come from... at the top of his lungs

Anyone know if there’s a record of a car crash that was caused by the car being so filled with vape smoke that the driver couldn’t see?


Remember the good old days, when exploding cigarette loads were funny?


A pacemaker is even closer, and has the same kind of battery.


I am fairly certain the EXPLOSION didn’t burn 80% of his body, but the resulting fire did.


We literally put laptops and cellphones on our genitals. Quit with the intentionally bad reporting.


In terms of risk of death by fire, you’re probably still coming out way ahead when compared to lighting actual fires and inhaling the smoke. So I think vaping is going to win over cigarettes still there.


Do we now? Explains the lack of resale value.


A less than magnificent end for the World’s Worst Superhero.

Rest in peace, Florida Man.


The report might be making a distinction between consumer products and more highly regulated medical devices, although had Florida Man lived long enough I have no doubt he would have eventually purchased a modded budget pacemaker manufactured in the Philippines and distributed by a company called “Heart-E Health.”


Pretty sure this was actually a case of spontaneous human combustion with the wick effect causing the lithium battery in the vape to explode. The truth will come out eventually.


It should be noted that these types of explosions occur frequently when an inexperienced user tries to use a Mechanical Mod.

These tube mods have no safety features unlike a Regulated Mod that will actively monitor voltage and cutoff the current once the battery hits a threshold preventing this kind of thing.

Mechanical Mods are “cool” though.


As long as there are smokers there will be a subset of them vying for the group prize at the Darwin Awards.


Nooooo, not Floridaman!
The worlds greatest Superhero/-villian.
This is sadder than the end of Infinity War.


Florida Man could have been expected to go in a less than spectacular way, but I was hoping it would somehow involve an alligator. Luckily, Florida Man keeps regenerating and I don’t think we’ve seen or heard the last of him.


Oh, wow, you don’t suppose he got cancer treatment the same place Deadpool did, do you?


I’m not vaping right now.


Cell phones often spend time pressed against ears, and plenty of people keep them in a pocket or a belt-clipped case, so I don’t know what the USFA is smoking. I don’t apply mine to my naughty bits, though.


I hate vaping so much it really is hard for me to care about this.


Show me on the doll where vaping touched you!