Florida Man arrested for teaching kids where babies come from... at the top of his lungs

Isn’t that how we all learned at first… on the playground? Not usually from a yelling adult, but the principle is the same.


Yes, “First Amendment rights.”

But no, it is not polite to shout “birth canal !!!” in a crowded delivery room.


Maybe someone had just explained it to him and he wanted to pay it forward?


inb4 helicopter parents should be more chill about sex…

My guess is these parents were reacting to a grown man acting erratically on a playground more than the actual content of the impromptu lecture. I mean, those moms worked hard to get those babies out of their p****ies, they’re gonna protect their offspring. I’d do the same.


What was he doing, why was he doing it?

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Yeah, this sounds more like a sad commentary on Florida’s mental health care system than a doofus Floridian. hopefully he gets the help he needs.


From What to Expect When You’re Expecting to Live:

  • Shouty man on jungle gym, crazy, high, or both. Avoid like plague, whether with or without the sprog.

Just wait a second!

Babies come from INSIDE of women? :open_mouth:


Accurate as far as it goes, but he really should have started at the beginning, anticipating the inevitable follow-up question of how they got in there. Talk about burying the lede.


For your edification, the further adventures of Florida Man:


He looks like a very nice friendly, helpful gentleman.

“Despite what a class act he is…”

Unnecessary commentary, since it sounds like he may suffer from mental illness.

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What a world we live in today. “Pussy” is now a word that can be published in a newspaper. What would George Carlin make of this development?

In other news, as predicted, the World’s Worst Superhero rises again.


“Pussy” was never one of the Big Seven anyway.

Apparently not all that was buried. Ba-da-bump.

And here I thought that Florida Man tended to embody a perfect amalgam of both mental illness and the peculiar nature of certain Florida residents.

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A font of knowledge; Siri made flesh.

Speaking for myself, anytime I ask Siri something there’s a lot of yelling involved and the cops aren’t far behind.

Yeah, my principle was a yelling adult too.

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