Florida man dies in bedroom from exploding e-cigarette

My lungs and my sense of propriety.

Seriously, it’s gross to walk into a cloud of sickly sweet stink that was in someone else’s lungs a few seconds ago.


Just another reason not to smoke the damn things

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I can understand that, but would you rather it be the foul stench of burned tobacco? For many - me included - that’s the choice.

If people are vaping around you in places where they shouldn’t, then that’s on them. Don’t blame the tech, blame the misuse of it.


I’ll take the sweet, sweet aroma of ganja mon!


Also, many sex toys contain batteries, and are designed for insertion.


Don’t judge. I have to find hot lovin’ wherever I can.

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I’m wondering at what point in the next decade everyone’s junk drawers will start catching fire from all the old lithium-ion battery devices forgotten there.


no. we can hate BOTH.

I despise cigarette smokers who do the exact same thing. Both are disgusting. And both groups (and this is a generally speaking) seem to act as if their nasty exhaled lung stank is perfectly acceptable. In fact I would argue I notice more and more tobacco smokers are cognizant and try to avoid billowing out second hand smoke towards others…Vapers on the other hand seem to think their vape doesn’t stink and just blow that shit everywhere.

You mocked me with a “where did the vape pen touch you” I will throw that same shade back at you and ask “Are you a vape snowflake?”


Indeed. I would expect the prolonged proximity to very high temperatures would have a significant impact on that very small failure rate. (There’s no actual combustion going on in an e-cigarette, is there?)

but Florida Man!

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Nope, I’m just a guy who finally found a way to quit smoking cigarettes.


Genital contact with laptops and cell phones is definitely considered, “off label” usage, where these e-cigs cannot be used any other way.

Maybe there’s a place for e-hookahs, to put the batter farther away from the face.

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Isn’t that what fog lights are for?

(To tell other road users, in broad daylight, that you cannot see… the control knob that turns them off?)

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That’s awesome…I’m happy for you.

But when I or anyone else says we don’t like it when Vapers blow their gaseous lung juices into our breathing space; the reply should not be “Well its better than tobacco smoke”. Maybe it is or isn’t…but we don’t want EITHER blown into our faces. That is a bullshit tone deaf response.


You can dress it up in fancy technology all you want, but vaping is still smoking. And smoking in bed can still kill you.



I did some googling on what a “mechanical mod” is. Apparently some vapers use these things to produce those absurdly huge clouds of vapor I see around. I didn’t realize that people were modding them to do that. These folks are the pedestrian equivalent of people who “roll coal” with their diesels.


Alas no one heeds Nina anymore: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qZmMC26v7hc

Large clouds of a highly addictive substance that other people will find hard to avoid. I wonder how the mechanical mod vapers would feel if I started sticking syringes full of heroin into them?