Hoverboard catches fire during unboxing video

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Well I had heard it was the hot new thing this year… Also, yes do pour water on an electrical fire. Good idea.


all part of the memefacturing miracle!


When it caught on fire I heard Satan’s voice say something, I couldn’t make it out, but it was Satan.

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Really? Dunking a burning battery-operated device in water is a bad idea because… somebody’s confusing it with a large electronic device connected to the mains power?


“You poured water on it. That invalidates your warranty. Sorry, no refund.”


I guess the main issue is that too many of these people are buying cheap copies with crap parts that are prone to combusting. The higher quality ones seem to lack the issue.

Though really, everyone’s laptops have the potential to do the same thing if their battery is damaged.


issue? feature!


The invisible hand of the free market at work. Nothing to see here, move along, no need for regulations at all…


Ten years ago, Sony laptops did do that.

Went t google an article and see they are having battery issues again!


I call shenanigans. It’s either set up to burn, or the worst unboxing video ever (and I watched his other unboxings, they don’t match). An unboxing where you don’t even mention the make and model of the product defeats their purpose.


Just as the thing caught fire inthe video, my heater kicked on. I was hit with that first rush of hot air with the burny smell that comes out first.
It was like watching the video in sensurround! How did they do that?


I noticed that he says that he charged it overnight. He’s lucky it didn’t catch fire while he was asleep.


If the cells rupture you do not want to pour water on them. The lithium salts in them, I think, are water reactive and will make things worse.

But, even if the cells don’t rupture and/or aren’t water reactive, an electrical fire is still an electrical fire. Generally you won’t be able to stop most electrical fires with water (heat source being electricity, the heat is just replaced) and you can make things much worse if you cause an electrical short with the water (which could cause the batteries to rupture if they haven’t already, and then more of a mess).


Why? For one he doesn’t have many unboxing videos on his channel in the first place. Second, many people are excited about these things even when they are generic because they are seen as both high-tech and trendy.

He states in the comments that he got it off ebay, and from there it’s going to definitely be generic. There really is no reason to think this is all that fake; he got something he thinks is cool and made a video of him taking it out for a spin and it fails. There’s enough of these garbage boards out there made with truly substandard parts and practices that it would have to happen sooner or later.

Besides, my armchair diagnosis of the failure mode here is that the right motor’s H-bridge had failed, most silicon devices fail closed, causing a short heating up any current sensing or wiring in there (and at the same time dropping the voltage for the rest of the system to prevent it from running) starting the fire. It didn’t appear to cause the batteries to catastrophically fail, so he’s lucky there.


He says he charged it all night. Mine looks exactly the same and says you must unplug after charge is complete.

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It does look like hes trying to make something happen with one foot, then the flames come out. Flames that look just like something that had been doused in lighter fluid then lit. Just for laughs, I looked at some battery explosion videos. They feature popping cells, some dense and very likely toxic smoke, but very little in the way of flames.

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“Quality”? You’re grasping at shadows.

That’s what I noticed too. The brief flame segment has the appearance of lighter fluid. It’s possible that something was burning, but it sure wasn’t the case. The smoke coming out of the case seams looked like standard electronic smoke, though.


How so? Cheaply made electronics, some not actually UL listed, can have shoddy components, missing or incorrect components, and/or not be assembled correctly leading to issues. One reason why you have to be careful buying cheap crap of ebay with like computer charger cords and the like.

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