Popular delivery bot bursts into flames while scooting around UC Berkeley


Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2018/12/17/popular-delivery-bot-bursts-in.html




Is there not a way to encapsulate battery compartments in some kind of fire-retardent environment? Or at least monitor the onboard temperature, and have it cough fire-extinguisher foam all over itself in the event of fire?


Did not know you can deliver flambé that way




This is the way the world ends. So many people taking out their phones to film it rather than finding a fire extinguisher.



I understand -the holiday season can be depressing for all of us. And if you’re looking forward to an existence as a drone delivery boy with no opportunity for advancement, self expression and no perks or vacation time forever; who wouldn’t be depressed?


“Hey f@#!nut, get out of the way!”
“This is a fun thing to see on the last day of finals, huh kids?”


Oh noes. What did this poor buy know about Hillary Clinton? Maybe he was ferrying emails?


I expect it was making fresh toast en route!


Ah yes, “human error”.


I noticed that too. Weren’t there other vids posted with just a smidge of better production quality? How about f@#!nut’s? His capture was much closer than a half block away.

Haha, yep. One thing that Steve Jobs couldn’t get his developer army to do is create a fire extinguisher for iOS… ain’t NO app for that!


Where in an outdoor environment does one usually locate a fire estinguisher?

I guess now we’re supposed to carry fire estinguishers to cover for the fucknut corporations spewing incendiary e-scooters, delivery robots, and other bullshit all over our landscape.


Fire cleanses the soul.


A vigil for a delivery robot?? Well, that’s just silly!



I didn’t realize that this video was shot in the wilderness. I naturally assumed, with the paved sidewalk and all, that it was shot near a store, office, or public place that might have fire suppression gear handy for the public welfare.


You make a good point; I wonder how many businesses in that immediate vicinity would have been able to quickly locate their fire extinguishers upon request?


I disagree. I believe she used the less common pronunciation f@#!nugget, thus reminding me that I need to work this gem into my own swearing more often.


Auto-de-immolate: Oxford’s word of the year for 2019.

I imagine fire-retardant material is a pretty good thermal insulator which might exacerbate the problem. As for built in extinguishers…
“How many can we put you down for?”
“Why does your deliverybot have fire extinguishers built in?”
(studies fingernails) “No reason.”