Lifehacker presents the 7 deadly sins of smoking weed as a beginner

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Would that more harmful recreational drugs had such simple beginners rules
From that stodgy ol’ medical journal Lancet:


“shoulder dancing” it’s a must, don’t let someone talk you out’a it.



LSD’s and mushroom’s “harm to users” is probably mostly stupid shit people have done while high.


‘Being a giggling hippy’ isn’t a public safety issue tho; no matter how much cops would like it to be.


If you take edibles, have actual non-cannabis food on hand to snack on.

The Munchies are a thing.





weed might become decriminalized federally (unless the GOP intervenes)

The Biden administration is talking about taking cannabis off Schedule I. That’s something they can do without the help of Congress – indeed, it’s a violation of the Controlled Substances Act that it’s on Schedule I to begin with, since the act is clear that that’s only for very addictive drugs with no therapeutic value (no and no). It was disappointing that the Clinton and Obama administrations didn’t take that action. (Or even Trump – cannabis has bipartisan appeal and could have made the difference for him in 2020.) It’s mildly amazing that ol’ drug warrior Joe is coming through for us.


I’m super sensitive to weed. Like, if I haven’t smoked or eaten it in a week, it hits me almost like a barely threshold acid trip: closed and sometimes open-eyed visuals, auditory distortions and hallucinations, feelings of oneness with the universe and/or revelations of multi-dimensional entities and structures. Even with good set n’ setting, I usually go through a deeply paranoid and panic stage before entering a more relaxing frame of mind.

It’s good medicine. I’ve used it to work through trauma. It has helped me reintegrate my mind and my body. I think if you treat it as a medicine rather than some kind party drug you can get a lot more out of it than a relaxing evening.

Not saying relaxing evening are fucking great, too.


I wouldn’t recommend smoking edibles your first time…


…nor eating a joint, esp one with a tip.


It’s so painful to watch a neophyte taking that first drag like a new vacuum cleaner, get way too much smoke into the irritating bits and gak’n’sputter for 10 minutes.


The beautiful part about this bit is, later in his show he really goes off the rails and ends with this line:

…That’s when I woke up in my hotel room, and I realized there was DEFINITELY weed in that brownie.


This came much too late for Maureen Dowd, who went national with her naivete, eating 16 pieces after ignoring instructions on a private 420 tour. Classic!


huh. we always took big hits back in the day. the coughing was just part of the journey.


With cigarettes, it’s generally 1. draw smoke into your mouth and then 2. inhale.

With weed, don’t do that or you will likely cough A LOT. For weed, inhale directly into your lungs (skipping past step 1 right to step 2). And start with very small inhalations.

That’s my experience, anyway; good luck and godspeed.


And that would certainly be the last time, I’d think.

Unless you mean it like “Oh Lordy, I dozed off and burnt the brownies AGAIN!”

Back in the day there were quite a few joints eaten when we saw cops behind us. “Quick, roll the windows down! Somebody light a cigarette! And act casual. Drive straight, don’t weave. They’ll pull us over. Keep your SHIT TOGETHER, man!!!”

And tips? Who had tips?? Job papers don’t come with tips! That’s what homemade roach clips are for.

Sheesh. Kids these days!



Everyone is different, but THC does virtually nothing on / for me. :person_shrugging:

I get sort of sleepy, so I can personally recommend it as a sleep aid, but I was truly shocked after listening to decades of movies and songs raving about the drug how… mild… it was. I’ve tried edibles, vaping, sublingual in dosages from 5mg up to 50mg. I was like, where is this fun drug experience I was promised in movies and songs?

(CBD alone – and I bought ultra-concentrated liquid versions for testing – had absolutely no effect on me whatsoever, but I wish more people knew that CBD will cause “the grapefruit effect” if you are taking other medications, so be careful.)

Anyway, my big takeaway is that it’s crazy THC was heavily criminalized for so long, it’s clearly an extremely safe drug, to the point of (for me) not even being that interesting as a drug… so for all the people that THC helps, thank goodness we’re finally legalizing something useful, helpful, and safe. We just need the rest of the states to get on board:

And yeah if you haven’t tried THC, might as well. Maybe it’ll work for you. It certainly won’t hurt you. Start at a low dose, of course…