Carrot sharpeners, a mere $3.77


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My Virgin Kitchen reviewed one, may have been that it was a cheap, not-so-sharp one but it never worked as advertised. Seems like a fun idea to use once or twice for the heck of it but doesn’t seem useful in the least even if it did work.


Good gravy! My self-defense instructor only covered what to do in attacks with fresh fruit… what on earth are you supposed to do when attacked with a sharpened root vegetable???


You release the Trump campaign manager.


If anyone’s considering purchasing this to sharpen bananas as weapons, look elsewhere, my bananas weren’t nearly as sharp as hoped for.


Thank God! Thank God! I am actually weeping. This is what I have needed for so long! (But the banana thing is totally inappropriate; you should apologize to carrots.)


One root vegetable against another, eh? I like how you think.


In all seriousness - These are fantastic for getting a fussy eater to try many things. My son now eats a lot more variety with his veges. He sharpens it. He eats it. He sharpens it. He eats it.
If you treat this as a fun thing, it kinda works. My son now will grab carrots from the fridge (sans sharpener) for a snack now.


The only thing that stops a badly-sharpened root vegetable is someone with good gravy.


A man is lying stabbed to death in his house in late March. The only clues to the mystery of his death are an open window, and a well-fed rabbit in his bedroom. How did he die?


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