I've tried a lot of different kitchen knife sharpeners, and this cheap one is my favorite

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@frauenfelder Product Recommendation: check out the Manual Sharpener from WorkSharp. I use one of these and like it very well.

Yay, another knife sharpening thread!


A friend of mine who has a forge and hammers out knives got one of these for me about three years ago. He said if I’m not good with a wet stone I’d just damage my knives and screw up their edges when I had asked him about sharpening kitchen knives. He said that these things are pretty good and even if you’re not an old hand at honing a knife these things will do the job for most people. I’ve been a fan of them and pushed them on a few friends who had kitchen knives so dull they were dangerous.


I’ve got something like this as well, although it incorporates a handle, which gives me a better grip on the base unit while I’m sharpening.

That reminds me, I do need want a new kitchen knfe once everything is open again.

Pretty sure these sorts of things just hone your knives.



I have one of these:

Which, along with regular honing, does a phenomenal job of keeping my knives sharpened for daily kitchen use. It is, however, super-expensive, so if your knives themselves are cheap to replace, a cheap sharpener is probably fine even if it removes a lot of material. I’m able to sharpen my knives every six weeks or so provided I keep up my honing regimen.

The awesome Project Farm channel on youtube (which I believe has been featured on BB before) did a comparison of some of the high end and… weird options out there:


The price sucks, but you won’t have to buy another one in your lifetime. It also sharpens other things beyond kitchen blades. Hell, I’ve refurbed many chisels on this thing and it’s still going strong.



What is it with you and the cheap-ass knife sharpeners? How many different ones have you said are your ‘favorite’?




Seconded. I got one the last time it was recommended and it sharpens well, is fast, and anybody can figure out how to use it in a few seconds.

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I have this sharpener. It took me a few years and one close call to realize that it supposed to be positioned on the edge of the countertop.

Is it just me or is this guy talking really loud? Add to that the cuts that don’t leave a pause for a really annoying experience.

Glad I remembered it was previously featured on BoinBoing, so I skipped it.

Just one. But repeatedly.


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I haven’t ever sharpened a kitchen knife before… I rarely use a “sharp” knife in the kitchen. Finally had to sharpen this POS knife and wowsa, it’s much better. Just used my two grit Arkansas stone.

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My first look thought: “nice Lucha Libre mask. I want one!”

Mark is very fond of the gadgets he loves. And he has a very long running blog, so… expect more knife sharpening in the future!

(I think my personal collection is about 50% Mark, other BB Author, or Cool Tools recommendations, and 50% different tools I researched and bought after the category of item was _discussed on Boing Boing or CT, respectively)

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Yeah just this one. I bought the “black” version back in 2017 after seeing it here and have not regretted it. It is good enough that we now have fairly sharp knives where previously we did not.
Might buy this one just to get a Red one though.