Cartoonist Adrian Tomine - "everyone we know is moving" out of New York


Let me be the second person to recommend Tomine’s comic/zine “<a href=>Optic Nerve” because it’s beautifully drawn and well-told, and especially because the half cover kinda throws people off.


Part of my nostalgia for the short time that I lived in NYC comes from the fact that I couldn’t afford to live there now (I was a resident of Park Slope about twenty years ago), even though I earn almost twice as much as I did then (unadjusted for inflation).

It always somewhat weirds me out to see how successful / well known Adrian has become. I was an occasional sidekick on a “radio” show (FM single carried over the cable TV system) in Sacramento; Adrian was the co-host of the show before us. In my head he’s always that guy. Somewhere I have some really cool stickers he drew for my band.

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