Cartoonist makes webcomic about losing his home in the Calistoga fire

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Déjà vu:

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Talk about beauty rising from the ashes…

…inhaling my neighbors’ lives…

Potent writing, too.

Um, not entirely sure why this has been recycled, it ran by a different correspondent on October 18th.

Corrections to this story are that Brian Fies lives in Santa Rosa, not Calistoga-- it’s called the “Tubbs Fire” not the “Calistoga Fire”. Calistoga wasn’t affected as much as Santa Rosa was.

Missing also from the story is that there is an UPDATE from Brian Fies. It’s short, but for those of us with family in the area it’s good to hear that they are doing better. Not “good” or “well”, but “better”.

The update is available here:

My cousin still can’t bear to drive through the area to see her mother, who lives just outside the burned area.

I’m glad to see more attention given to the area but not exactly clear why BoingBoing ran the same story twice.

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