Case of the missing moon rocks


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I actually have some moon dust from the moonrocks brought back…I talk about it on my podcast.


Are all moon rocks considered national treasures, or just the ones brought back by Apollo missions?


They may be trapped in the boots I wore for a whole week in 1979.


Just the ones retrieved by Apollo missions. If you really want a moon rock, you can buy a lunar meteorite, usually fairly inexpensively, considering the source.


It was just a longer night than most realized also we had invited over B who is sort of a fiend.

O wait. The other moon rocks.


Just get up there and get your own, ya slacker. They’re lying around all over the place.


The thing is, I’m counting the days to when somebody actually tries to, without regulatory permission. In the past, it was white rhinos, today it’s California succulents, tomorrow it’s moon rocks.


Thank goodness they’re not endangered.




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