Casio calculator watch better than Apple Watch


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Trying to decide if I should show this to the wife… She constantly laments the loss of her Casio data/calculator watch, although she won’t get a new one because her Nerd Force is not strong enough to handle the razzing that she gets from friends/family.


I went with a bit of overkill -


May I recommend the Casio A158W-1, which is sort of the Stainless Steel Apple Watch With Link Bracelet to the F-91W’s Apple Watch Sport With Fluoelastomer Band. Without the $600 premium.

*I actually have the A168W-1, which is pretty much the same thing but with better backlit screen, uglier-to-me steel band design, and $3 more expensive. Either is fine.


You need to support her better, because she is right and they are wrong.


The one I mourn is the scientific calculator version of the databank. Back before I learned CAD in the early 90’s I used graph paper and trigonometry to design. It also had real glass, unlike the easily scratchable plastic crap Casio currently uses on it’s low end watches. Bizarrely, the last Databank I had they finally made the case out of real stainless but made the screen cover out of plastic.

After wearing Casio for decades I currently have my 1st Timex ani-digi on order.


I’ve had one of these for a couple of years now - I really wanted one badly as a kid but never got it then so it’s a cheap way for me to kick childhood disappointment in the teeth. I wear it with great geek pride. I’ll reserve judgement about how it measures up to the apple watch when I see that one.


In 1992 I had a talking digital wrist watch. Similar to this:

The battery lasted well over a year. It was able to tell the time when a button was pressed and had an alarm-clock functionality with beautiful rooster crowing sound and time announcement. I still have big night-stand version from the same company and it tells the time in Russian.


Dangit, I had one of these waaaaaay back when. Guess I should’ve held on to it, instead of succumbing to the seduction of Swatch.


She said that you are very wise and that I should listen to you then I showed all of your other posts to her…


I had a couple of these in the past and loved them, more really for their dorkiness than anything else. Unfortunately, two years seems to be about their life-time as the display would fade away (altho they would still keep time).


How about the literary reviews of Mr Men books?


O.k. so my watch’s days are numbered, good to know.


That’s the watch on my wrist right now. It’s not as elegant as my previous watch, the Timex Men’s T205019J Easy Reader Black Leather Strap Watch, but I still think it looks pretty good as digital watches go, and has a no-nonsense look to it.


When I was in Tokyo for the first time I bought the then-new Casio WV-M400DE-7ER. It struck me as the perfect and eternal watch: sleek stainless design, very comfortable clasp mechanism and 100% sufficient functionality. Additionally it receives 5 different radio bands for atomic time precision around the world and is also solar-powered! Eternal battery life, always 100% accurate time. I was in love with it since 2007. Even my girlfriend liked it so much she also bought a stainless digital Casio for herself.

It was also the reason I didn’t want to get an Apple Watch at first, simply because I wouldn’t want to part with it. But now it’s a nice ornament on my desk and keeps on dutifully beeping once every hour, hopefully until the end of time.


I had one of these in the early 80s - it had a game in binary on it.


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