Castlevania: Symphony of the Night is forever

Here’s the live action version of that prologue:

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Finest acting by Keanu Reeves ever!

Darn, prices have gone up for it as well. You can maybe luck out and grab it for around thirty on ebay. Or else emulator for free.

Even if I emulate, part of me would prefer to do it from the disc - though
I guess buying it second hand doesn’t really do anything to support the
devs/company anyway, so it’s hard;y a moral high ground.

I’m need to try out this “ask any good-looking person in a Brooklyn bar at 1:30 AM you wanna go play Castlevania.”

Yah, and with Konami being a bunch of douche bags recently… fuck them
In a recent interview the CEO said that they are pretty much done with console and moving to mobile. With Iga, Kojima, and Tak leaving the company is looking bad right now. So it looks like no more Castlevania in the near future.

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