Run Boy Run: fabulous music video packed with scenes and sprites ripped from 8- and 16-bit classic games

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The Montezuma’s Revenge “level” just made my morning.


Were they going for a rather obscure definition of “classic games” or is my 19AOs-fu just weak? I recognized absolutely nothing apart from the Another World segment.

If anyone doesn’t know, both the original song and the grammy-award-winning video are pretty interesting and worth a peek.

“Iron” is still my favorite song-and-video of this series though. Epic to the max.


Excellent. I like. It appears that ‘Iron’ precedes ‘Run Boy Run’, is there a third follow-on? I want to watch them storm the castle.


Looks like “no”, for now. There’s a third video with a parallel story though. I just found out the guy also directs his own videos, so mega kudos.

His music works nice on other people’s videos too.

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