Cat jumps on wall to catch reflection


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Hydrogen, not helium. If the sun ran on helium, it would talk in a funny high-pitched voice like a cartoon chipmunk!


I forgot that before there were lasers, there was the watch spot.

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> We will both be sad when the sun runs out of helium in 5 billion years and we won’t be able to play this game any longer.

Warm n’ buttery comfort food for your soul: The sun never burns out in Heaven.

Disquieting, soul-wrenching dark truth: Cats aren’t allowed in Heaven.

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Yes, I remember discovering the watch reflection once by accident when I saw my cat chase something and thought “hey, this is like a laser pointer”, but obviously the laser pointer as cat toys folk knew about the watch reflection first.

Wait… there were no cats before lasers, right? How could there be cats?

At least one did!

This was a tearjerker for me when I was of an age that it was incredibly embarrassing for it to be a tearjerker.

Before there were iWatches, there was also the watch SPOT.

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Ya, 5 BY is when it runs out of hydrogen and has to puff up and use it’s helium… (if I remember correctly)

Silly hooman, cats invented lazors!

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You do. It also incinerates the Earth at that time so that cat is likely to have bigger problems.

If there are no cats, it’s a wrong Heaven.


Yush! If there are no cats in Heaven, I do NOT want!


More immediate problem is in Q3 of 2015 when the rounded dome of the ubiquitous iWatch means that this trick is impossible

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