Cat lover sets out to prove dogs not special


Dogs and cats don’t argue on the internet, so who’s really the intelligent ones?



Two solutions come to mind!

Domesticate hyenas.


teach cats to hunt in packs.


Well obvs. you need opposable digits to argue. Chimpanzees argue all the time.


This might be the best possible outcome when I die.


Yeah, my cat only “saves” me from things she’s too lazy to catch - like spiders, moths, and the occasional fly.


Thanks for the tip! <Scribbles Australia on List of Places I’m Never Gonna Visit>



Of course- all bets are off of it’s not your dog.


Yay! Thank you good sir or madam, as the case may be.


Ah, one of my favorite New Yorker cartoons. :slight_smile:


Nope dogs aren’t special, they can just smell a dead body under 15 feet of water, identify when seizures occur, deftly sniff out bombs then go home and snuggle. Not to mention their outstanding physical stamina and nature to please humans. As a co-trainer of Chaser, who not only understands thousands of words - verbs, adverbs, proper nouns, common nouns and prepositions that all have independent meaning, (locking them into her long term memory after one trial) we have found that if learning does not take place, it is the humans lack of cognition to relay the message successfully.


TL;DR Penis+peanut butter+dog - what could go wrong?

I’ll just leave this here.


He who lies down with dogs should not have smeared himself with peanut butter beforehand.


Conclusion: Dogs are very smart at being dogs. Cats are very smart at being cats.


Each time you do that, the cat is tallying like a mafiaso keeping track of minor snubs.

Do please be careful with your cat.




How the hell did Australia ever get settled? I mean, how come the first Aboriginal folks who showed up, didn’t look at the kinds of animals that were there, and turn right back around and go back to where it wasn’t full of crazy animals and giant insects that can kill you with minimal effort? It’s a mystery to me. That’s probably the biggest mystery of the pre-historical period…


I have no evidence, but I like to imagine there was a land-bridge and the people heading to Australia were running from the flying spiders. :grinning:


But they were also running TO flying spiders! And giant murderous snakes. And giant murderous other spiders. And kangaroos! Oh, and crocogators!

Apparently, some of these co-existed with humans…