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Caturday is overrated.

I like dogs.

Not a clue. Please, do tell…


god help me there’s a cool face smiley!

I Like Toitles

I’m tyger11, and I approve this post!

The Boston zoo also has a white tiger – and a sign explaining that all white tigers in captivity are descended from a single animal, and are rather inbred as a result; this one was something of a rescue or they wouldn’t have acquired it, and they won’t be breeding it.

Which I have to respect, pretty as the beast is.


Dogs are OK. At least you can interact with them in a meaningful way.

You can interact with most critters in a meaningful way – as long as you’re willing to understand the level they interact at. You don’t expect a 3-year-old human to interact in the same way as an older one; that’s about the level of mentality you’re dealing with in a dog or a cat… and then you have to understand that dogs are pack animals and care about approval much more than cats do. (That doesn’t mean cat’s DON’T care, just that it’s not as strong a motivation.)

Dogs also have more facial expression, which makes them easier to approach for some folks. (George Carlin’s routine on that topic sums it up nicely.) With cats you need to read more of the body language.

I speak both dog and cat, though I keep cats. Spent part of yesterday playing with both, actually; wrestling/hunting games with a young kitten and massaging a beagle who was taking full advantage of her sad brown eyes to get attention from everyone in the room.

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My white cat is criminally insane. He sniffed a lot of bug killing gas when he was little.

Tiger. Tiger. Yawning. Night.

Is he next on Melissa Bachman’s ‘bag list’?

Sounds like one of my girlfriend’s past cats. That little one was a partly-domesticated feral. She liked living with people, but had a bad case of “pet me, pet me, that’s wonderful, pet me, OMIGODSOMEONE’STOUCHINGMEBITEKICKRUN!”.

So, @Xeni, since you provoked this ramble: Are you a cat person, dog person, anything-with-fur person, anything-with-four-legs-or-fewer person, allergic, or other?

Right. But this is the first one I like.

You didn’t like them before?

Me < --------------- Dog Hugger, Cat Avoider^^


Cats avoid me too… even if I don’t smell like dog^^ It’s a healthy reciprocal aversion ___