We can appreciate the feels in this GIF


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Let me propose a trade: the cat can hang out with my kissing-adverse cats, and…



Guilty cat promises not to do that again.


To this day I do not understand why people love to own cats, rather than simply watch cat vids on the u-tubs…
Your cat does not love you.

There has to be some delusion there, some self-deception.


No, we’re well aware that dogs have masters but cats have staff, that dogs are the worshippers and cats are the worshipees.

But cats, unlike dogs, will take care of themselves, play by themselves, clean themselves, and exercise themselves, so they’re low-maintenance. Plus, there’s nothing quite so comforting as holding a cat to your chest and feeling it purr.


As a cat owner I can attest that cats can love their caretakers. I don’t think cats deserve the psychopathic reputation that they get, after all they do have a limbic system, one can see this directly from a simple dissection of a cat brain, and from this observation it’s reasonable to assume that they have an emotional life which is not that alien to our own… They’re also not naturally solitary animals, and I think the human caretaker does fill a niche in their innate social universe.


Cat vids don’t purr when you pet them.



We’ve had cats since 1994, and nope, no toxoplasmosis in 22 years. (Also had kitties growing up.)


That’s just what the toxoplasmosis would make you say.





Same here: never had an issue. But when I was pregnant, I didn’t empty my cat’s litter box; my bf at the time took over that duty, just in case.


Indeed, there is!



I don’t know if the cat who adopted me (his human daddy would be so annoyed) loves me or just thinks I’m pretty great for a human. I don’t think there’s another being in the universe so happy to see me every day. Good enough for me. :purple_heart: :heart_eyes_cat: :cat2:

ETA: More on topic, he also hates to be kissed but it’s ok because the shear number of things he does to annoy me is countless.


Never got pregnant (and told my husband I wasn’t planning on having kids), but I can say that I did use this possibility as a reason to not clean box in the beginning of our cat family. :smiling_imp: Now he does it every day and I fill in during business trips.


Well, why do people own dogs? I recognize that there are some cats that are not very affectionate, but some are super affectionate, just like some dogs are playful slobbering doofuses, some are annoying yappers, and some are vicious monsters.

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Oh, not in the human sense, no. But you get a kitten, give him lots of attention, and have him sleep on your bed (or your head, frankly) for 15 years, and don’t tell me that animal isn’t bonded to you and needs your presence and contact. :slight_smile:

No, it’s not complicated human love. But it’s as conscious of a connection as I could ever want it to be. He knows me, I know him.

Edit: My cat also leans INTO the kiss, so…


My current duty…I’m a little worried the expectation is going to stick…


My current duty…I’m a little worried the expectation is going to stick…

That’s been my experience… 25 yrs and counting! Thanks, Toxoplasmosis!