Why humans are so enchanted with cats


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Cause the cute fuzzy little murder beasts love us for the free food, body warmth and we give good skritches.




That aside, reasons for our enchantment with cats, they…

  1. Look cute.
  2. Sound cute.
  3. Act cute.
  4. Feel very nice.
  5. Are small.

All that inspires us to care for them, cuddle them, and talk to them. In other words, they trigger our nurturing response.


It would be easier to deal with it if the burmese wasn’t so cuddle obsessed at bedtime. If he is paying attention and ready I don’t even get fully settled in bed before he is on my chest purring.


That parasite is fake news. I just must… buy… Friskies…


I for one welcome our parasite enabled overlords.


Why humans are so enchanted with cats

If you even have to ask this I don’t want to talk to you





Because some idiot once worshipped a cat as a god, and now the word is out the furry little buggers won’t back down?



“We’re never going to get control over these animals.”

She says that like it’s a bad thing.


Cats do it with toxoplasmosis…


Toxoplasmosis may cause flu-like symptoms in some people, but most people affected never develop signs and symptoms. If it affects mouse brains and behaviour, I wonder what it does to us.


I’m wondering why many non-catowners (and those who are quite allergic to cats and simply stay away from them 24/7) still find cats to be so cute (from a distance and from videos/photos).


You should probably ask a former co-worker of mine, who spent her entire 401K getting veterinary surgeries done on a house full of 14 year old feral cats that she wasn’t able to approach, much less touch.

You’ll never convince me that there isn’t a solid link between “crazy cat-lady” and toxoplasmosis.


Mouse and Squirrel




Correction; anyone who actually has a cat knows better; at least subconsciously.


This happens often at our place of work.


Well, this was the confirmation I needed of a long held feeling deep within my being…I have never been enchanted with cats and in fact generally dislike them. I have always suspected I am not human and have pondered when my space faring alien species would come back to claim me. Now I know this to be truth.